7 Cheap And Easy Ways to Move Across Country – 2024 Guide

If you’re planning on relocating, the initial expenses you’ll have will heavily rely on the size of your family, the things you’re thinking about taking, as well as where you’ll be relocating to. Nonetheless, you’ll want to expect to pay approximately 3.000 to 6.000 dollars for moving across the country. If your residence is large, you should be prepared to spend even more.

But, if you’re not willing to pay so much on transporting all of your belonging, there are some things that you have to do, all of which will lower the initial expenses you’ll have. And, luckily for all individuals that found themselves in this situation, this article can help. Let’s take a closer look at the 7 things you can do to lower the price of moving cross country:

1. Firstly, Determine What You Don’t Need


The first thing that you could opt for doing is to purge all of your assets. Why do you need to do this? Well, it’s quite simple – the less stuff you bring, the less you’ll need to pay. This is why you and your family members have to go through all of your items, and then determine what you’ll need to take with you.

What can you do with the leftover items? You could, for instance, organize a yard sale, sell them on different websites, donate to various charities, or you could simply store them if they’re large items that you actually want to keep, but not take to your new estate. If you are residing in UK, there are a lot of HenfieldStorage in the area that could accommodate your storage needs. Decluttering will surely make the process cheaper and easier, which is why you must do it first.

2. Summer Season = More Expenses

Did you know that relocating during summer is the most expensive option out there? Yup, moving companies are the busiest throughout the warm months, mostly because people choose to move before school or university starts. Hence, you may want to rethink during which season you’ll move.

Additionally, you should move cross country during autumn or spring, and in the middle of a month or during a working day.

This is something that won’t only result in a cheaper transit, but, moving companies such as will have more available schedules, which implies that you could choose the exact time and date when you want to move.

3. What About Driving There By Yourself?


Naturally, you can choose to move all of your belonging by yourself and the most affordable way for doing so is renting a truck. Compared to some moving organizations, truck rentals come at a reasonable price. Hence, if you’re on a tight budget or if you simply want to keep your rates low, pack up the truck with your belongings and drive to your new residence by yourself.

4. A Portable Container is an Alternative

Are you wondering what is the most affordable way to move across the country? Well, besides hiring a truck and driving there by yourself, you could also choose to utilize a portable transportation container. These mobile storage units will assist you with lowering your expenses, however, they’ll also assist you with storing all of your things in one place. A cross-country move will require approximately $1.500.

5. Getting Free Things Will Help


A lot of homeowners do not realize it, but getting some stuff for free – such as boxes – can extremely lower the expenses you’ll have. Although this might sound completely crazy, it will turn out to be true, particularly when you start gathering all of the things. And, every extra box, wrapping, cloth, and newspaper will require more funds.

Hence, you may want to ask your relatives or friends about whether they have some excess boxes or wrapping, and you can also ask local shops for some free boxes – which they commonly throw away. This will surely lower the overall rate and it’ll save you some money that you could use for something else.

6. Never Bring What You Won’t Utilize

Though you may have decluttered your residence, it might still be difficult for you to leave some of your stuff behind. But, if you do not, it’ll increase your overall rates, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Now, if you do not want to sell the pieces or throw them away, you could always lease a storage unit and store it there – which will certainly be cheaper than transporting the items.

By choosing to do this, you’ll certainly lower the expenses, but more importantly, you’ll always be able to transport the items later on, when you are not on a tight budget. Keep in mind, we are not talking about some sports equipment or clothes, we are talking about large, bulky, and heavy items that you might not need immediately.

7. DIY Packing is The Best


If you choose to hire someone to pack all of your belonging, it’ll cost more and you may not know where some specific objects are later on. This is why you may want to opt for packing everything by yourself, instead of hiring some expert movers for the job.

Remember, you’ll want to label each of the boxes properly, mostly because it will assist you with unloading and unwrapping the stuff when you arrive at your new residence. This indicates that you won’t have to tell the movers or the people helping you where the boxes should go, instead, they can simply read the label and place them in the rooms where they are meant to go. Saving time also equals paying less, hence, ensure that you mark each box properly.


As you can see, there is a wide range of things that you could opt for doing, all of which will lower the initial expenses you’ll have when it comes to relocating cross country. And, by choosing to follow some or all tips mentioned above, you’ll be capable of making the entire process less stressful and time-consuming, but more importantly, less expensive.

Hence, now that you’re informed of all the stuff you should do, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should return to the first tip we mentioned in this list, and start slowly, but surely, purging all of your belongings and determining what you actually need to take with you.

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