5 Tips to Never Get Locked Out of Your House Again – 2024 Guide

For everyone, there is that one day or multiple days when you feel tired, frustrated, or angry. This is a normal human response, especially after being under too much stress. That kind of stress usually comes from work or problems at home. During these frustrating times, it can be easy to forget even the most important things in your life. One of the most annoying things that could happen in such a moment is to forget your key and getting locked out of your house, again.

At the moment when you stand right in front of the door of your home and you can get in, you start to get even angrier and even more frustrated which is understandable. It has happened to me, it just happened to you and probably everyone else.

After that, your only option is to call a family member or friend that hopefully has a key to open up the door. If not, you will probably have to call a locksmith to deal with this problem which could cost you a few hundred dollars and some of your precious time.

However, maybe you should do something that will prevent situations from ever happening. To help you with that, I am going to share a few tips with you to never get locked out of your home.

1. Give a spare key to a close friend or family member


This might not be the most ideal solution to this kind of problem, but it may be the most inexpensive one. All you have to do is just create another copy of your key and then give it to your friend or to a family member. I would advise picking someone that you trust and lives nearby. So, if you do manage to lock yourself out, you can just quickly grab the key and come back to your house.

It is not perfect, but it surely is several times better than having to call a locksmith to open your door for a few hundred dollars.

2. Hide a spare key near your house


This might not be the safest method, but it is still quite a popular one, so I thought that is worth mentioning. Basically, again, you will need a copy of your key and then you can hide it somewhere in your backyard.

However, before you get the idea of putting it under your “Welcome” rug, I suggest that you pick a different spot. Putting it on the rug is one of the most obvious choices. A burglar will find it in a matter of a few seconds if you decide to put it there. Burglars are also aware of every other common position. Under a rock close to the door, inside of a fake rock, a fake patch of grass, and inside the mailbox. Avoid these ideas at all costs because you do not want to make a thief’s job easier. You are supposed to make it harder for them.

I could give you some suggestions, but that beats the point. Your unique hiding place needs to be just that, unique. My only advice would be to put it somewhere away from your door, or on the other side of the house. That way, the chances that someone might find the key are much lower.

3. Add a smart lock to your door


Now, let us get into the more advanced techniques to avoid getting yourself locked out of your home. The best thing you could do is get yourself a smart lock. With it, you can forget about using a regular key. No matter where you are, you can unlock the door of your home with just a press of a button. Yes, you read that right. You can connect the smart lock with your phone with a special, encrypted code that will allow you to manipulate it whenever you want.

However, this will come at a bigger expense than just making a copy of your key. These devices, these smart blocks can cost somewhere between $150 and up to $500. Which one you should buy? Well, it depends on what kind of features and protective measures you need. After you have purchased the device, you will need to install it. But, that might prove as a difficult task, so it is probably best that you call a professional locksmith to do that for you as suggested by That way you will be sure that it has been installed properly.

Keep in mind, you will still have a physical key, but you will not need it most of the time because you will be able to unlock it with your phone. If you lose your phone, you can use the key to open up the door.

4. Keep your keys next to your door


If you do not feel like spending any money on all of this, there are a few free methods you can use to prevent yourself from getting locked out of your house. They are simple techniques, but you will have to work on your habits.

What you will need to do is make sure that your keys will always be right next to the entrance of your home. So, whenever you want to leave your house, you will always see those keys to be reminded that you need to take them.

It is not a perfect solution, but it is a free one.

5. Keep a copy of your key in your car


Many people would say that this is a risky method, but it is probably no different than keeping a spare key in your backyard. In fact, your car is probably several times safer than your backyard. So, if you ever get locked out of your home again, you can just open up your car and use the spare key.

However, make sure not to forget to put it back, otherwise, you will again, and up outside, locked out.

I assume that there are several other ways you could prevent these situations from happening, but I think these five tips will help you the most.

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