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Nikko Smith London Net Worth 2024

Birth name: Nikko Smith
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Net Worth: $3 Million

First up let’s set the record straight, Nikko is not to be confused with Nikko Smith a former American Idol Contestant. Nikko London is the fiance of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust. Although Nikko started making appearances on the series in season 2, Nikko and Mimi’s history goes way way way back. Mimi Faust lived in Los Angeles California which is her birthplace. She’s been friends with a lot of people in the music industry including Ice Cube. She met Nikko when they were in their twenties almost 17 years ago. It was the same time she started dating Stevie J.

Nikko is from Brooklyn New York, and started his career behind the scenes as a songwriter and producer. He’s had several record deals including one with Arista and Epic Records which never popped off. Nikko later moved to Atlanta, the current music capital of the world.


Nikko Smith may seem a little thirsty with this sex tape but he’s made a pretty handsome salary and earning on his own. Throughout his career Nikko earned his money writing songs with producers Timbaland, Pharrell and Tricky Stewart for artist like Rick Ross, Mario, Tamia, Brandy and a plethora of others. His net worth is $3 million form quarterly royalties from his song writing credibility.

His nemesis Stevie J might seem like he has more loot in the bank because of his 20 years experience with Bad Boy but Stevie went bankrupt in the early 2000s. He lost millions thanks to his over excessive lifestyle. He has been in the whole for years thanks to child support claims, tax liens, and a previous foreclosure. But it was Mimi who may have salvaged his fiances and helped him bounce back. Smith on the other hand has only earned $12 million since his first record deal in 1997 but we have no record of any debt, tax liens, child support settlements, bankruptcy filings, anything. We have searched and dug hard on this guy. So despite his appearance on the show Nikko Smith aka London may be the most financially stable. Oh and did we mention his commission from the “Scandal in Atlanta” earned him $2 million since it’s debut?

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