What Is Nuru Massage & How To Give One To Your Partner in 2024

The working days of the week can be very hard. The end of the working day is something that every employee is waiting for with all their heart. The end of working hours means the end of worries and responsibilities and time to go home. Going home is associated with rest, and that is what every person does in the free time they have for the rest of the day. The most popular activities for employees when they come home are reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie, but often people also know how to leave home to go for a walk, to the SPA center, or to get a massage.

Massage is the most popular choice for people with work responsibilities, especially at this time of year when we are all often trapped long in the office during the day, and then we immediately go home and park in front of the TV to watch our favorite sports game or TV series. . Frequent sitting overtime can cause unwanted pain and make us chronically tired. That is why massage is here to solve every problem we have. What does that mean? We will explain it now.

What is massage and what techniques are there?

A massage is an act of manipulating the body. It consists of continuous movement with the hands on the parts of the body that we want to relax. It usually lasts from one hour to several hours, depending on the client’s wishes. Massages are usually performed in semi-dark rooms, on professional cots with quiet music in the background to relax the brain and muscles for full effect. Aromatic massage oil is usually used during the massage, which softens the skin and soothes the body with the smell. You can go to a salon for a massage or do it at home.

There are several types of massages, and Swedish massage, relaxation massage, and royal massage stand out as popular techniques, and the Nuru massage technique, which is one of the erotic types of massages, stands out as the most popular technique. Let’s take a look at Nuru massage and see why it is so popular.

What is Nuru massage?


The most popular massage that comes to us from the east of the world is the Nuru massage. This technique was invented and implemented in Kawasaki, Japan many years ago. At that time, women gave this massage to men as a gift, but also as a sign of attachment to them and great respect. This massage technique is based on massaging with very aromatic oil. The whole body needs to be covered with aromatic oil, both yours and your partner’s. The movements on your partner’s body should be done with your body with minimal use of your hands. In the end, try to end the massage with passionate sex that you will remember for a long time. If you are unsure whether you are applying this technique correctly, click here and make sure you are massaging properly in the right way. Make sure you drive your partner crazy and give him the pleasure that he will remember for a long time. Wondering how? In continuation, we will present to you the most important things through which you will prepare a Nuru massage that your partner will remember for a long time.

How to make a more exciting Nuru massage treatment at home?

Want to make sure you have an erotic memory treatment for your partner? In this part of the article we will introduce you to a few steps that will give a different feeling during the massage:

1. Choose a set of underwear that will drive your partner crazy


We recommend that you cancel the coffee you have already scheduled with your childhood friend for the free afternoon, she will not be angry with you. Take a tour of the lingerie stores in the malls and shopping streets and find the ideal piece of clothing that radiates passion and positive vibes. Choose a piece of clothing that will give pleasure to your partner and drive him crazy. If you make the right choice you will be one step away from an unforgettable night.

2. Make a playlist of provocatively good songs

Take the time to search the internet, find the ideal songs that will add warmth to the night. Check out the already created playlists posted on the music platforms YouTube and Spotify, and if you do not like the offer they have, then search on Google. Search all the forums, because on them you can often find an offer from the forum users, usually from thirty songs that are ideal for intimate dinners with your partner. If you do not like that choice, then it would be ideal if you make the choice for your night with your partner.

3. Light scented candles or sticks in the room


Take your time and look at scented candles and sticks in stores and drugstores. Choose a gentle aroma and aroma that at the same time will make you go crazy and will relax you. Choose carefully before you buy, choose a scent that will remember the evening for a long time.

4. Provide “clean ground” in the home for the next few hours

Make sure no one finds out that you are at home at all at night when you decide to spend some intimate time with your partner. Provide clean ground, disconnect all friends, and dedicate yourself to your partner. If there is someone in the home, advise them to do an activity that they did not do for a long time just to leave the home for a few hours. Lock the door firmly, lower the blinds, and enjoy. Do not let the doorbell ruin your long-awaited moment.

5. Blindfold your partner and take him into the room


Do not let your partner see what you are preparing for him, save the surprise. Add excitement to the night and blindfold your partner, it will awaken his imagination and add passion to the act.

6. Make sure your phones are turned off

Never forget to turn off your cell phones. Often one call can destroy the whole idea and all the effort falls into the water. Do not let this night end too soon. Press and hold the phone lock key and turn it off. Enjoy the passion that you will remember for a long time!

We hope we have brought you something new that will play on your life and your relationship with your partner. Bringing new things to life together opens up new possibilities for you, allows you to find out what you did not know, and create moments that you will remember for a long time. Play smart, play dirty, and enjoy the hot nights with your partner.

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