5 Ways Painting by Numbers Can Release Stress and Help You Relax – 2024 Guide

We live in such a world that stress is a part of our everyday life. Although we could say that we are used to it, some deal better with it, and some worse. Those who cope better with stress still need something to help them relax. And for those whose daily lives are so full of stress and they fail to cope with it, that usually leads to anxiety. In any case, someone is trying to deal with it on their own, and someone is asking for a doctor’s help. No matter how professional the doctor is, it is known that they mostly see the solution in medication. Sometimes it is inevitable, but it should be the last resort. Until then, you have to try various other methods of relaxation. And which is the best? It is most certainly art. It has been proven that art has a very beneficial effect on us. If the first thing which occurred to you is that you are not talented in any art and that it can’t help you, you are wrong. There is something called painting by numbers and that is exactly what you need. Read below all the ways this will help you relax.

What is painting by numbers?


If you don’t know what it is, the most accurate comparison can be made with cross-stitching. But since it was first launched on the market only five years ago, then it is incomparably more beautiful and attractive. It is very simple, and yet creative. The image is divided into fields marked with numbers, and it is up to you to arrange the diamonds in that order. In the end, you get a fantastic picture that you can frame. It does not require a lot of equipment, it is very easy to start. You must first and foremost have a canvas intended for painting by numbers. Then a special pencil used to pick up the crystals/diamonds and place them on the canvas. It is also good to have a special board that will illuminate the canvas, to make it clearer and to make the eyes less tired. After that, all you have to do is concentrate and enjoy the work of art that is created in front of you. If you are wondering if you will find a canvas with the motifs you want, visit and see for yourself how big the choice is.

Ways it can release stress and help you relax

1.It takes you back to your childhood


All children paint and draw from the earliest days. Then it doesn’t matter who is talented and who is not, it is a form of fun and a way for developing motor skills. If you haven’t done this since childhood, and now start painting by numbers, you will feel like you are back in your childhood. As childhood is the most carefree period of our lives, because our parents are taking care of everything, we all remember it fondly. The feeling of returning to the early period of your life will relax you a lot. Your inner child will come to the surface and you will forget about all the problems you have.

2. It helps to forget about everyday life for a while

It certainly happens to you that even when you return from work, you can’t stop thinking about what awaits you tomorrow or making financial calculations in your head. It is very tiring and then we can never relax completely. And only if we relax we can rest properly. When you take a canvas and start arranging diamonds, you will see that in a few minutes you will be 100 percent dedicated to just that. You will forget about all obligations and problems and be completely relaxed for the next few hours. After that, you will feel fresh, because your brain will finally be rested.

3. Trigger emotional release


In order to cope with everyday situations, many people suppress their emotions, which is very bad. The more emotions are suppressed, the harder it is to release them later. The experts from tells us that art is one of the best triggers for emotional release. As you paint by numbers, you will feel that you are getting closer to your essence and that emotions are slowly coming to the surface. This is very positive because in this way you will release only positive emotions and you will be happy. Suppression of emotions is something we must not allow ourselves, otherwise, it will lead us to anxiety and other problems.

4. A similar effect as meditation

Although meditation has been known to the human race for several thousand years, it has only spread in Western culture in the last few decades. The many benefits of meditation are known to all, but not everyone manages to reach the state of meditation that is needed. If you are among them, then painting by numbers is the right choice for you, because it causes a similar effect as meditation. Your mind will be so focused on the process of creation, that scientists have come to the conclusion that a similar energy is released as during meditations, known as theta waves. Theta waves only occur during meditations, before sleep and when you practice art. Theta Healing is a registered process of healing and meditation, so the connection is clear to you.

5. Improving self-confidence


When we have enough self-confidence, it reduces the level of stress because we are sure that we will do our tasks in the right way. And different types of art are ideal for boosting our self-confidence. Whatever we learn and see the final product of it will have a very positive impact on us. Various studies have shown that dopamine is released as we create a work of art and when we end up watching it. A sense of success is very important and will have a positive impact on you if you are anxious.


As we have already said, it is very easy to start painting by numbers. That is why it would be foolish to miss such a good opportunity to relax. And once you start, you will constantly order new canvases, because this will become your favorite hobby.

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