How To Get The Most Out Of Your PDR Tools And Glue For Maximum Efficiency

PDR tools, called paint dent repair tools, are minimum intruding ecology-friendly fast dent repair tools for repairing the vehicle’s dent. These tools help restore the vehicle body to its original condition in less time, which costs significantly less when compared to the traditional form of repairing the vehicles.

The vehicles are restored safely to their factory-like condition without compromising their body paint. All car repairing mechanics and enthusiasts worldwide know that investing in high-quality PDR kits is vital to master factory-like finish.

PDR tools include hammers, rods, and different types of PDR glue designed for dent specialists to complete their jobs efficiently and quickly with the best results.

Tools Required For PDR 


When approaching a technician about paintless dent removal, the experience needed for the job and the tools required for removing the dent becomes essential. The following are the tools needed for PDR,

Reading Device

A reading device like a reflector board having a suction cup and flexible arm is essential, as the reflection from the board lets the technician know whether a dent on the panel is high or low.

Different varieties of reading devices are available. Few like to work with fog boards, and others prefer lines. Also, LED and strip lights help see the critical reflection when working.

Screw Tips & Bar

A bar is required to remove the dents on the vehicle’s body. A slight double bend bar is advisable as it gives enough leverage and control to work at a 90-degree angle.

Along with the bar selecting a screw tip will help convert it to a flexible multi-tool. For getting inside the vehicle’s front wing bumper or even bonnet panels, the soft tip screw is very useful when accessing the dented area for repair.

Knockdown & Hammer

A knockdown and hammer get used in this high-spot sensitive area to reach the shoulder around the dents to repair it. The high ridges around the patterns usually get knocked down.

When high spots get created while repairing a dent, a hammer is needed to knock it down efficiently.

S Hook And O Ring

A hanging device is necessary to repair the dent when working on a bonnet panel. Buying a simple S hook and an O ring from a hardware store is always advisable, as it helps hang the cables when repairing while using the PDR bar.

Glue Pulling Tools


Glue is one of the vital tools of PDR. A few of the glue-pulling tools include,

PDR Glue & Glue Gun

Glue gets used to taking out the tiny dents away from the vehicle’s body. A glue gun applies the glue at the right spot over the small mark. This gun could be gas-powered or even battery-powered. A glue gun along with a PDR glue helps in removing dents.

Glue Tabs

Various glue tabs are available in different designs, shapes, and colors. Each of these glues serves a different purpose of use. Having two or three other glue tabs will be worth it as it gives a wide range of options to repair those dents.

Dent Lifter

After gluing the tab to the dent, something gets needed to lift the pattern. It is where the dent lifter comes to help. The dent lifter can get pulled over the tab and gently pulled up, removing the dent.

Otherwise, even a slide hammer can get attached at the back of the tab and start pulling it back.

Glue Releasing Agent

A glue-releasing agent is sometimes necessary as the glue may not come off quickly. Few use methylated spirits or various alcohol-based products to help release the adhesive from the panel.

Door Dent Tools


Various tools get used to repair the dents on the vehicle’s doors. A few of them include,

Glass Window Protector

It protects the glass window of the doors from shattering when repairing the dent in the doors.

Different Length Of Hook Bar

Different hook bar lengths get used to getting into the door panels’ upper sections to repair the vehicle door’s dents.

Ratchet Handle Tools

The tools used with it can change from right-handed to left-handed without removing it from the door. With a button press, the tool helps switch to different angles that suit the mechanic’s hand to repair the dent.

How To Get Maximum Efficiency 

When used effectively, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can efficiently save time and money. PDR tools and also glue can improve the work efficiency of mechanics in a fast, efficient way. Here are a few tips to get maximum efficiency with PDR tools and glue,

Usage Of Right Tools

Depending upon the dent on a vehicle, the tool required to repair the same should get used. If the mark is deep, hard-tipped tools should get used, and vice versa if the dent is superficial. Also, which part of the vehicle gets dented, the tools used should perfectly fit the same only that will help in applying the proper pressure at the right place to rectify the dent.

Good Quality Glue


Depending on the quality of the glue, the bond between the adhesive and the vehicle’s surface will be vital, as the quality of the sealant can make or break the dent caused on the vehicle’s exterior.

It is advisable to use only high-quality glue to remove the dent as the tab stuck on it will be solid, and eliminating the after-effects of the bond from the vehicle’s surface will be easy.

Efficiently Maintained Tools

The PDR tools should be efficiently maintained. They should get cleaned after every use, preferably with a sanitizing liquid, and appropriately dried before storing them in the toolbox.

Periodic checkups should get done on all tools for any damage or worn-out parts; if found, replace the instrument. Otherwise, it will be a headache in the future.

Adequate Lighting


Adequate lighting should be provided at the vehicle repair center so that all dents can get seen. It will make it easy to notice even the minute tiny marks.

Keep a portable light in hand, as it might be needed to check the corrections after repairing the tiny dents.


Using PDR tools and glue is the most efficient procedure to remove those slight dents and scratches from the vehicle without repainting its body.

Using the right tools most efficiently and effectively is essential for maximum benefit. It is always necessary to be patient while repairing the dents; otherwise, the dent repaired will go out of hand. Just having the essential PDR tools and glue is enough to kickstart the journey of a cost-effective vehicle repair to its natural factory form.

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