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Phil Robertson Net Worth 2024

His idea of happiness is killing things. He compares women to Labrador retrievers saying  they have all sorts of quirks and after being married to Miss Kay for 45 years he’s learned to go with all the quirks. Phil Robertson is the sarcastic and lovable star of A&E’s biggest series Duck Dynasty. The show has given light to a family run and owned business worth millions. Today the show has launched the Southern old school family into worldwide stars. Phil Robertson began the Duck Commander business with a little invention he created at home when he was 25 years. He created the first duck call for hunters. Because of his lack of business knowledge and interest he let his son take over the day he graduated college. His son has a business savvy mentality that comes from no one in his family. Phil recalls when he witnessed the birth of his four sons from Miss Kay. He says as he saw the children come from her loin he knew his sex life was over.  It’s quotes like these that give series an even greater interest and has drawn in large amounts of fans.


Phil is also a low tech man in a high tech world. He runs a business but has no cellphone or computer and doesn’t know how to operate one. He mentions that he lives like a yuppie. His grandchildren he mentions that they are too tech savvy and spend too much time on their game consoles. In his mind his worst fear is that they would become nerds because they are so out of touch with being social. In an episode he took his two grandsons fishing and mentioned they should go to Wal mart and buy a personality. He also explained the bees and the birds to them using a crawfish. That’s grandpa Phil for you.

  • Full Name: Phil Alexander Robertson
  • Birthday: April 24, 1946
  • Occupation: Created Duck Commander call in 1972
  • Wife: Miss Kay
  • Children: Willie, Jules aka Jep, Jason aka Jase
  • Wiki: Played football for Louisiana Tech University and drafted to the NFL
  • Duck Dynasty Salary: $500,000 per season
  • Net Worth: $40 million

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