How to Plan an Engagement Party for Your Finance in 2024

An engagement party is a celebration held a few months before the wedding. It is meant to celebrate the good news that you are about to tie the knot. It brings your friends, families, and in-laws together to receive information about the upcoming wedding. Most people have never planned big parties before, and so it is wise to arrange for an engagement party before the big day so that they can have a clue on how to go about planning the big day. If you have no idea how to go about organizing an engagement party, here are the tips.

Plan 2 to 3 months earlier


For any event to be a success, you need to plan in advance. Take two or three months to plan your engagement party, don’t be in a hurry. In the course of the three months, you’ll be able to arrange and fix everything. You’ll have time to look for the best vendors offering the best rates at a reasonable cost. When services are sorted in advance, they tend to be cheaper than services sort at the last minute. This will help you save some dollars.

Decide on the date

When fixing the date, there are various factors that you need to consider. For instance, you may not set the date on a weekday because of the availability of the working class, and again you may not fix the date on school calendar months if at all you want school going kids to attend. The most appropriate dates for such events is either on weekends or during the holidays.

Select a venue


Picking a venue for such a big event may be challenging, especially if you have never arranged for one before. At this point, you may want to involve the services of an expert. You can hire an event planner to organize everything for you. When deciding on the venue, you need to bear in mind the number of invited guests. This will guide you on whether to hire a small or big space. If your budget allows, you can hire a garden or a hotel facility, but if your finances are constrained, you can go to a local park or a community center.

Who to attend

You may want to have a small gathering involving only a few friends and family members or have a mammoth crowd. This all depends on your capability. Remember, a big group will require you to dig deeper into your pocket. If finances are available, there is no harm in holding a big party, but if your finances are limited, there is no need for straining financially. Just have a small party that you can manage.

Save date cards


Since the event is coming in a few months’ time, it is important that you send a save the date card to your guests. The card is meant to alert them of the upcoming party so that they can diaries the date and not plan anything on that date. To have a special touch on the card, you can have a photo of both of you printed on the face of the card

Invitation card

Once you have finalized the venue, guest list, vendors, and so on, then you can send an invitation card. This comes just a few weeks before the D-Day as you had already sent them a save date card. An invitation card is meant to officially invite your guests to D-Day. You can personalize the invitation cards to specifically refer to each guest. You can do this by hiring a calligrapher to write the address in some unique way, such that the guest will feel honored.

Choose the theme


Look for the best theme that will make your day unforgettable. Take into consideration your likes and dislikes as well as those of your partner. Choose your favorite colors and apply your favorite accessories. You can involve an event planner to advise on the best theme for the occasion. Professional planners have a lot of experience, as they’ve organized many events before.

Arrange for food

When planning for food, you need to take into consideration the number of guests invited. If you have a small number, you can opt to have the meals done at home by your family members. If you have a big number, you can seek the services of outside catering. If the event is being held in a restaurant, then you can have a look at their menu and make an order in advance. Remember to include an engagement cake.



An engagement party is not complete without a dance to honor the couple. You can organize a few games and concerts to entertain the guests. You can also hire a DJ To keep the evening charged with music and dance. If you are in a hotel, you can consider using the hotel DJ and sound systems, but if you are in a garden, you may be forced to hire portable sound systems.

Party favors

A good party does not end without party favors. There are endless options of party favors, but remember to match the party favor with the style and personality of the couple. The best favor you can ever hand your guests is something that will leave your guests with lasting memories.

Arrange for Photos


A party is not complete without photos to make the day. Arrange for a photo session after the party. Everybody attending the event will always look forward to having a photograph with the host. You can hire a photo booth from companies such as Picture Blast and have your guests have fun all day as they pose for photos. Also, ensure your booth comes with a printer so that your guests can get instant photos to carry home.


Some events happen once in a lifetime, so it is important that you make it a memorable one as there are no chances of a repeat in the future. If you follow the guidelines discussed above, you can be sure to make your engagement party memorable. It doesn’t matter how much you have. What is important is to make sure you plan wisely for your event to stand out.

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