How to Plan a Perfect Nerf Birthday Party – 2024 Guide

Organizing a birthday party for your child in the modern times is a fun experience for everyone, for the child of the hour as well as the parents. If you are doing it at home, and there is no good reason why you should not have the party for the kids at your home, there is a plethora of activities you can do. However, nothing really takes the cake (pun intended) as much as a nerf gun themed party.

Nerf guns have been around for decades and the kids still love them all the same. Despite new and techy gadgets, you cannot really beat a gun that shoots small projectiles that is completely safe to use. If you want to throw a birthday party that is going to be the talk of the town and make your kid feel very special at the same time, stick to this article to learn how to plan a perfect nerf birthday party in 2024.

1. The Setting (Props, Cover, Obstacles)


In order to make your backyard as nerf-friendly as possible, you will have to turn it into a small battlefield where the kids will be able to hide from the other team. Finding a venue is not always possible especially right now considering the situation in the world. What is more, not every playroom is suited for such a large scale battle with numerous kids shooting and running around. It is much safer and more engaging if you dedicate a day and turn your yard into a warzone.

First things first, you will need some boxes. Classic cardboard boxes will do, or even plain cardboard for that matter. These will be the main cover behind which the kids will shoot from. Feel free to color them in army and camouflage prints. Spray paint should do just fine and it will not take you long. You can also make some obstacles throughout the place just so it is slightly harder to move around, just like on the real battlefield. Use the trees, fences, and anything else you may already have, just remember to make them safer with additional cardboard or something softer. Mesh materials and netting combined with the boxes is more than enough for a few bases and forts worth defending. Other than the boxes you will only need some duct or packing tape, a razor or a box knife, a sharpie, and some string

2. Nerf Supplies


The most important thing you will need of course are the nerf guns and nerf darts. You cannot be expected to own so many guns and darts on your own, so even if your child has a few guns you will need a dozen more for all the participants. The best thing to do is to get in touch with the parents and let the kids bring their own guns. If somebody does not have one, they can lend from another kid.

Buying fresh new guns is rather expensive, but if you have to get more than a few it would be best to rent them. There are many services and business that deal with birthday party equipment and parties so they can help you with this. Read more here for more information on that. If you end up renting the guns, make sure that every child has the same type of gun because there are some that are more powerful and faster than others. You do not want them fighting over the best guns!

The guns and ammo are not the only thing to prepare. Safety equipment like glasses and some additional clothing may be in order. Think about the amount of darts the kids need and prepare some bags, sacks, or tool belts they can use. This will make the experience much better and more interactive.

3. Food and Drinks


Going out of your way to match the food and beverages with the nerf theme will earn you extra points with your child and make you a certified party planner of the neighborhood. It is all about the colors so pick the snacks and drinks that are mostly bright orange and choose utensils and plates that match the colors of the guns. Details are important in planning and making sure everything matches will make the whole party much better and more appealing. The main course if of course the cake, and the decoration on it should also follow the nerf theme. There could be a cool gun painted with the frosting or a miniature battle taking place atop the cake, or nerf darts stuck in the sides like somebody shot them straight into the cake. The choice is yours and all that can limit it is your imagination.

4. Activities and Games


Shooting is enough fun alright but there should be some kind of purpose to it. The kids should be doing something concrete since running around and shooting whomever gets boring quickly. If you are a fan of video games, you have some wonderful ideas to explore. Think about shooting games and how you can utilize the most popular game modes.

Team death match is the classic where two teams of equal number of players battle until there is at least one player in a team alive. Capture the flag, as the name suggests, implies stealing the flag from the enemy’s flag from their base and bringing it to your own. You also have to be careful not to lose your own flag. A lot of strategy is needed here and some true competition can be had.

Other games to explore include free for all, zombies versus humans, and VIP hunt. They are all pretty self-explanatory and some even feature kids without guns. You can come up with your own activities too, and a good way to start the whole party is target practice where you can use some of your cardboard props to get the kids who have never used nerf guns familiar until they are learn the ropes. A whole range of fun targets can be made that the kids will enjoy shooting.


You can really do wonders with such a party and all the kids will surely remember it for a long time. They may even want to have their own so you can help other parents throw even bigger ones next time. Before we let you go, we should also tell you to make birthday invitations that follow the nerf them just to get the guests even more excited!

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