Prevent Your Dentures from Breaking by Following These Care Tips

Dentures are a great way to improve your quality of life after teeth loss, so it only makes sense that you take proper care of them. Dentures are quite durable and can last for up to seven years with the right type of maintenance. One of the ways you can proactively ensure that your dentures last as long as possible is by preventing them from breaking. Below are some care tips you can follow to ensure that your dentures don’t break.

Rinsing out Your Dentures After Every Meal


Just like with natural teeth, food particles and plaque can build up on your dentures, so it is important that you rinse off your dentures with some clean water after every meal. This ensures that you are not at risk of developing bad breath and gum disease.

Handle Your Dentures with Care

Rough handling of your dentures can cause them to break or deform. Put a mirror in front of you whenever you are trying to put your dentures in your mouth. This ensures that you push them into the correct position. Never rush or try to force your dentures in place.

Always Create a Safe Landing Spot


One of the most common ways people break their dentures is accidental dropping, especially during cleaning. To prevent this from happening, make a habit of either filling up the bathroom sink with water or laying down a towel on the counter before taking out your dentures for cleaning. This ensures that there is a soft landing spot for your dentures should you accidentally drop them. The cushion provided by the towel ensures that your denture doesn’t crack or break.

Soak Your Dentures In Water Overnight

Dentures require contact with some form of moisture at all times in order to remain pliable and retain their shape. Prevent your dentures from drying out by soaking them in water before you go to bed at night. Avoid wearing your dentures to sleep, as your mouth tissues will also need to recover after holding your dentures all day.

Do Not Place Your Dentures In Hot Water


When you clean or soak your dentures overnight, ensure that you do not use hot water. Hot water causes your dentures to warp and possibly break. It can also alter the way they fit in your mouth. Only soak your dentures in cold water and make sure to keep them away from heat sources when they are not in your mouth.

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaning Materials

Avoid cleaning your dentures with abrasive materials. Hard-bristled toothbrushes, harsh toothpaste and strong cleansers like whitening strips should also be avoided. Opt for approved denture cleaners instead. You can talk to your denturist about recommendations for good denture cleaners.

Dental Check-ups


Seeing your denturist regularly for a denture checkup is important. It allows your denturist to examine your dentures to ensure that there are no cracks, chips or issues that you may have missed. Doing this regularly will reduce the likelihood of your dentures being broken or damaged.

Denture Repairs

Accidents can happen and if your dentures do break, it is important that you take them in for repairs immediately. Never attempt to fix broken dentures yourself, as you will only end up making the damage worse.


Broken dentures are something every denture wearer tries to avoid, and with good reason. They can negatively impact everyday activities like speaking, chewing and swallowing. By following the above care tips, you can effectively prevent your dentures from breaking.

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