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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Net Worth

Former Prime Minister of Israel known by his nickname Arik passed away Saturday morning January 11 2014. A stroke was announced as the cause of death. He had been ill for several years prior to his passing. In 2006 he suffered a severe stroke putting him in a coma ever since then. He recently developed serious kidney problems during his coma. He is a figure of enormous significance in Israeli history.

He became the 11th Prime Minister of Israel and served for 5 years. In 2006 he was succeeded by Ehud Olmert. Ariel Sharon’s political decisions and career had been controversial but effective. His efforts throughout his career proved Israel had a desire to move towards peaceful resolutions to many issues.

Sharon was last politically active in 2005. One of his most significant pieces of legislation came right before his coma. He proposed a plan in 2004 that was later adopted by the Government called the unilateral disengagement.


The deal was enacted to remove all Israelis from the Gaza strip and relocate them in the northern West Banks. The strip had been home to more than 8,5K Jewish settlers and over 1.3 million Palestinians for 38 years but controlled and governed by the Israelis. But the strip has been the center of mass tension and violence due to the disagreements between the different religious groups. In an attempt to reduce the violence Ariel Sharon had made the proposal which was later adopted by the government in 2005. It went into effect just 10 days later.

Ariel Scheinermann was born 26 February 1928 in Kfar Malal, British Mandate of Palestine. His parents were Belarusian Jews who fled from Russia during the Russian Civil War. They had escaped the persecution of the Jews called the pogroms. Ariel became involved in the military at only 14 years old. It was a mandatory program put in place by the Government to prepare youth for service in the Israel Defense. Ariel first went into combat in 1947 in the Battle of Jerusalem. He fought in all of Israel’s significant wars and became a commander in the wars of 1973 and 1967. He took that authority from that military career into politics.

Ariel’s political career was established in 1975 when he became an aide to the Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. He had been elected to political office prior but resigned after being called to war.

Sharon married twice. First in 1962 to Margalit Sharon and later to Lily Sharon in 2000. He had three children Omri, Gilad and Gur.

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