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Promise B Mae

This season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has been a whirlwind of drama with it’s new cast members Tommie, Scrapp Deleon and his momma KK. And not to mention the surprise of Mimi being in a gay relationship with her boo Chris. But now it’s getting even more real. Blogs have gotten word that Stevie J has another baby mama who goes by the name Promise B Mae.

Apparently Promise B Mae and Stevie had a one night stand some years ago. She failed to contact him directly to tell him their fling resulted in her pregnancy. She went straight to the blogs and told them she was pregnant with his child.

Well revealed that the rumors were not true. In the episode Promise meets with Stevie and Mimi to discuss the rumors. She lets them know she lied and that she did that to get attention. Watch the clip below.

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