How To Protect Your Wood Floor From Your Office Chair?

It is not a surprise that wood is still the most popular material for floors and other surfaces since it can last for a longer time, is more energy-efficient, and provides improved design. Still, you have to be aware that resistance can be an issue sometimes, especially when it comes to scratches and other forms of damage. That is the main reason to pay more attention to proper protection of wooden floor at your home or in the office.

With the expansion of remote working, it is now more popular for people to work from home. The best solution for that is to determine a separate area in your home where you will set up your office. When it comes to equipment, a good and comfortable chair is crucial since it will make your working hours much easier.

One of the most popular options are chairs with ergonomic backrests and small wheels that allow you to more freely. However, these wheels represent the main reason for scratches under the chair. In that matter, you should find the right solution to protect the floor. A great option would be to invest more in specially designed chairs or install a cover that you can check if you click here. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some of the best methods to protect the floor from scratches.

Avoid Dragging the Chair


The easiest solution where you can avoid spending more money on protection and covers for the chair is to simply stop moving around and dragging the chair over the floor. However, it is related to the habits of people, and we understand that a lot of them are not aware when they are doing so, especially if the chair has wheels. The problem can be even worse if you got used to the chair with wheels, but you are now using a regular one at home, that don’t have the ability to move around. This will apply even more serious damage to the floor.

Install Rubber Covers


One of the easiest solutions is to install rubber on the legs of the chair. This is the perfect solution for those models that has no wheels. Therefore, it won’t cause any issues when you are dragging the chair while sitting in it. Moreover, there are some special models that you can apply on models with wheels as well.

This is perfect if you have a wider table and need to move around to get to the different devices. Keep in mind that scratches can easily expand, and fixing them can be expensive depending on the level of the damage. In case of more serious marks, you might need to replace the whole parts of the floor. Therefore, investing in protection is always a much better solution.

Protect the Surface With Rug


Another simple solution that is widely popular, and even easier than installing covers is to add a rug under the chair and table. The great option is that you can find different types of rugs, and have excellent flexibility when it comes to design, color, and size. Before you choose a rug, be sure to determine your budget as well since there are some models with a higher price than you might expect.

Also, pay attention to the features of the rug. The reason for that is that certain materials and models could also get damaged with the chair. This could lead to even bigger issues since you will damage the rug, get through it and apply scratches to the floor as well.

The important part is to pay attention to your habits and make a choice according to that. For instance, if you notice that you prefer moving around in your chair all the time, and there is no way to prevent yourself from doing so since every time when you lose focus, you will start dragging around, the only solution you can make is to choose some of these methods of protection.

The great option is that many producers are aware of this problem, and they are introducing various models of rugs and pads specially designed for chairs and offices. Therefore, you can get a smaller pad instead of buying a bigger rug, and place it only under the area where you are keeping your chair. With this option, you can move around freely without any risks that you will damage the floor.

Keep the Chair in Good Condition


Another common mistake is made when people are buying special models that already has certain level of protection. Keep in mind that most of the parts on the chair won’t serve you for a very long time, and you can expect that you might need to fix or replace them after some time. That is especially related to wheels and legs, especially if you prefer moving around while sitting more often.

The biggest danger is when you are sitting on a damaged chair for a longer time since some parts form the wheels and legs could apply even more serious damage to the floor. Even though modern versions of chairs with protections might seem too expensive, fixing the floor will represent an even bigger investment.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing is to be aware of you habits. For example, if you are someone who is calm and you often sit still in your chair without any need to drag it or move around while sitting, there is no reason to spend more money and get improved protection. Still, you should at least get a small pad or a rug that will prevent the area under the chair to get damaged.

The main problem is related to models of chairs with wheels since people will easily develop a habit of moving around, which is the main reason why wooden floors are full of scratches in offices around desks. Investing in protection and applying different solutions is always a much better option than waiting for more serious damages that will require repairs or replacement of the floor.

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