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Rahul Sharma Net Worth 2024- The Successful Businessman

Rahul Sharma is a well-known Indian businessman, founder of Revolt Motors, YU Televentures, and also the co-founder of Micromax Informatics.

Rahul was born in 1976 in Nagpur, and he belongs to a middle-class background. His father worked as a principal of one school in Nagpur.

Rahul Sharma’s Education

Rahul has a rich educational background since he has completed his Bachelors in Commerce (B. Com) and also has an engineering degree, specializing in mechanical engineering, from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Besides these courses, he has also taken part in the program for Owner/President Management (the OPM) from the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Rahul Sharma’s Career


After college, Rahul and three of his friends, Vikas Jain, Sumeet Arora, and Rajesh Aggarwal, started their own company, Micromax Informatics, in the year 2000. That was his beginning. After they made fundamental changes in the business plan, they decided to make inexpensive smartphones with long-lasting battery life. And 16 years later, their company, Micromax, is one of the biggest tech giants in the telecom field. Its annual turnover is $5.6 million. Micromax made Rahul one of the biggest telecom tycoons today.

There is another reason why his earnings are so massive- In 2007, he became the Vice President of Marketing and Internet Channel at MobileWave Group PLC. When it comes to Micromax, he is the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, and also the Vice President in Shaw Communications.


Micromax started out as an IT company, and back then, the company was mainly dealing with embedded devices. Soon after, they started selling low-cost mobile handsets. Also, the company deals with different electronic devices and appliances, which are too low cost but are of good quality. When it comes to their television sets, they are mostly LED and are mainly getting good reviews. Micromax is obviously trying to expand further into the electronics department. Sharma and Micromax are a perfect match. He has been the key to the success of the company over the years, but the company also made him a strong businessman in the IT and electronics industry.

Sharma’s most significant gain from Micromax is for sure YU Televentures. That is a joint venture Micromax Informatics has with Cyanogen Inc. YU used to be the official holder for the Cyanogen Operating System in the country.

Rahul holds a 99% stake in the company. Their most famous phones are YU Yureka and YU Yuphoria. People love the because of its amazing features and low price.

Rahul Sharma’s Honors and Awards

He was named the IT Person of the Year in 2016, and also the Entrepreneur of the year. Then, in 2017, he was awarded the Hindustan Times Game Changer Award.

Rahul Sharma’s Personal life


Rahul is married to the actress Asin. They had a well-guarded, private ceremony at a resort in Delhi with their closest family and friends. They held a wedding reception in Mumbai, where Asin’s friends from the industry were in attendance.

Rahul Sharma’s Net Worth

Rahul’s estimated net worth is around $100 million.

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