Avoid Few Actions During the Recovery Process of Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift operation gained immense popularity in America in 2000. Another medical terminology for breast lift surgical procedure is mastopexy. Since 2000, the number of breast uplift surgeries has increased by 70%. According to most plastic surgeons, breast augmentation is the most wanted surgery, but breast lift surgery is also backing up.

What is breast lift surgery?


A breast lift surgery is a complicated surgery in which the form and size of the breast are changed. It’s basically a reformation of the breast. The process includes the removal of additional skin and compressing the surrounding tissues and cells. As women grow old, their breasts change with time. These changes happen due to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Breastfeeding
  • Heredity
  • And obesity or weight loss

For women, a firm and well-shaped breast is a sign of feminism and a beautiful and appealing appearance. Breast lift surgery can rejuvenate the whole body of a woman as they get desired shape for their drooping breasts. However, you must get the right plastic surgeon because breast lift surgery is quite different from breast augmentation.You can check the website and find more information about it.

The Process of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Firstly, find the best plastic surgeon by looking through online reviews and references. You can also get suggestions from family, friends, and peer groups at work.
  • When you visit the surgeon, he or she will ask about the desired shape and size of the breasts you’re looking for.
  • The surgeon will examine your breast and take the measurement and some X-ray reports and CT scans to ensure that you’re fit enough to undergo a surgical procedure. Remember to discuss all medical history and medications if any.
  • The surgeon will explain the complete procedure of how the reshaping will be done.
  • Once the details are shared you’ll be given a surgery date when you’ll be admitted to the hospital.
  • During the surgery, the surgeon will make an incision along the natural curves of the breast. Remember the surgeon will make many incisions depending upon the type of lift and reformation you require.
  • The incision is done in places from where the excess skin has to be removed. This enables the breasts at a higher position.
  • Sometimes the surgery also includes liposuction which will remove extra fat and tissues that are the main reason for sagging the breast.
  • The nipple is repositioned to a higher level to give the breast a natural look and the skin surrounding the areola is also removed to give a better shape to the breasts.

The surgery may not be painful as you’re under anesthesia, but what needs attention is aftercare or the recovery process. Recovery from any surgery takes time. You have to make various changes in your lifestyle to get back into normal life quickly.

Dos and Don’ts during Recovery Process

No smoking or alcohol


Smoking is injurious to health, doctors always recommend quitting or avoid smoking under any circumstances. So, why continue to smoke after any surgery. It affects negatively and reduces the speed of healing. It is wise to avoid any nicotine content product and not only cigarettes. Avoiding nicotine reduces the chances of infection and pain.

Alcohol is also avoided because you may be under few medications. Any alcohol-based beverage is harmful as it may react with medicine and slow down the recovery process.

No stomach sleeping

After a breast implant, it is necessary to get proper sleep. The more you sleep, the faster is the healing and recovery process. However, don’t sleep on your stomach, but sleep on your back by keeping your head and shoulder raised on high on a pillow. Sleeping in an incorrect position can let the implants shift or slip to another position. This can lead to various complications and more surgeries.

Wear your bra daily


After the surgery, the surgeon prescribes a bra to their patient and recommends them to wear it daily until the next visit. It can be a surgical or sports bra depending upon the type of surgery you’ve undergone. The bra holds the breast firmly at its position and prevents it from further sagging after the operation. It also gives a peaceful sleep at night because while sleeping sideways your breast doesn’t sag.

Keep breasts dry

After any surgery where the incision was involved, surgeons recommend patients keep that area dry. Therefore, after breast lift surgery, it is also suggested to avoid shower to keep breasts and the surrounding area dry, it also means no swimming. This helps in healing faster. Ask your doctor or nurse how to maintain the cleanliness of the breast during the recovery process.

Don’t take any medication


Many patients are under regular medication. You will be discussing those before surgery with your surgeon, but even after surgery, you should ensure that regular medication can be started after the surgeon’s approval. Medicines like aspirin are blood thinner which can accumulate blood in tissues near the breast. Even if you feel any pain or have restless nights, don’t even take any natural medication before consulting your doctor. It is better to take doctor-prescribed medication.

No exercising or heavy work

Breast lift surgery is done to uplift sagging breasts. If you start strenuous activities like gym, swimming or picking water-filled buckets, or sex, it can apply pressure on your breast. The tissues around incised areas can damage.

Therefore, you need proper rest for a month and after that, you may start with lower body exercise, that too after consulting your doctor.

Scars are obvious in surgeries that include incision. There is nothing to worry about because doctors prescribed ointments that have to be applied on scars daily. With time the scars will lighten giving you a flawless and beautiful result. These light scars can also be hidden under bathing suits, bras, and tops.

There may be slight drawbacks of breast lift surgery. Still, when you want a firm chest and uplift breast, then nothing is as good as breast lift surgery.

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