Find A Reliable Online Bong Shop You Can Trust In 2024

Every buyer needs to find the best value for their money. This is the main goal of every purchase, regardless of the type of product, its use, or market supply. When an item you want to buy is widely accessible and easy to find and compare the suppliers’ offer before reaching out for a wallet, it’s a piece of cake.

But at times, some of these conditions won’t be met and you might need to search for a while to be able to make the most out of it. That’s probably the case with the search for a good bong. Before we pay attention to some tips for choosing a good one, let’s find out more about this object.

Origin and usage


When you think of bongs, you think of the smoky area with more or less familiar people who are enjoying cannabis, for example. The history of this item reaches back to the period between 1100 and 1400 AD when those were made of ceramics, animal horns and were used by primitive tribes of Africa and Central Asia. The name ‘bong’ originates from the old Thai word ‘baung’, which was used for bamboo tube bongs for the same purpose during that period. The other modern words for it are ‘bubbler’, ‘binger’, or ‘billy’.

There are many contemporary styles and shapes bongs take, and also there are many materials out of which those are made these days. Although there are many differences, the purpose is the same – filtering and cooling the cannabis smoke.

When you want to light marijuana, you put the dried plant into a small bowl. As you breathe in, the water in the bottom creates bubbles and the smoke comes up through the water and follows the path till it comes to your lungs. While the feeling is quite different from smoking joints – according to connoisseurs, it’s much more intense, creamy, and smooth – you are still smoking and the effects to your lungs are still harmful.

Many countries are still having prohibitions for legal marijuana use, yet this seems to be changing in more and more of them, making the need for bongs higher and the information on how to pick the best for yourself more valuable.

Things to consider when buying bong online


If you persist in the decision to buy your bong and enjoy cannabis smoke yourself, it’s good to know how to pick the right one, especially when shopping online. There are many online retailers offering various sizes, shapes, colors, and theme-based items, such as Alien-themed bong on HerbTools. Yet, you should take various factors into consideration, like in any other purchase.

Here are the essential things to have in mind when searching for a virtual place where you’ll buy your new toy.

1. Prices

Prices differ depending on many different factors including shapes, materials, artistic look, or brand and can be up to around $200 for a piece. High quality might be considered for those above $100 and if you are aiming at becoming a collector you might set aside even around $500. Make sure you determine your priorities – if you can’t set a bunch of money aside for a single object with such a purpose, then maybe it will be better to keep searching for the website that offers lower prices and more ordinary items.

2. Quality and durability


The durability of items we purchase is something we consider one of the essential things. Reasons are simple and plain – we don’t like to be forced to change things we like just because they turn out to be of less quality than we first imagined. Also, new purchases bring new expenses and all people want to avoid this. When you want to go with the durable ones, you should be paying attention to several factors like – thickness of the glass, the wideness of the base, length, whether or not it includes accessories with it, and if it’s made out of silicone or not, etc. So, aim for the online retailers which will state these pieces of information clearly on each item page.

3. Shipping

Since this purchase is to be made online, shipping is always a huge factor to consider. Some companies offer free shipping, and some have a great return policy that makes it easy to send the product back if it arrives damaged or broken. This is highly important because it proves that the company admires its customers and wants. Therefore, make sure to check this shipping policy before you make your final decision.

4. Material


Bongs can be made from different materials and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The materials vary from – glass, metal, acrylic, ceramic, bamboo and wood, silicone, etc, but it’s commonly known that glass ones are of the top quality due to many reasons. The marijuana flavor is clear and pure and the transparency of the material makes it all visible on the inside as well.

On the other hand, the acrylic ones are very durable and are not easily broken and have low prices. You might even want to experiment a bit and you decide to go with the organic materials such as DIY-made one out of fruits or veggies.

When combing through various online shops, opt for those which sell the items of first-class quality. Feel free to compare the prices and make the best deals, but you should always assure that the company doesn’t offer bad-quality items for high prices.

5. Reputation of the retailer

Before you go with the particular shape, size, design, or material and decide about the shipping and all other details, you might want to take note that the online shop you’re considering is a reputable one. This can be reviewed either by following some advice online from previous users’ experience or maybe the intuition that awakens when you get in touch and try to ask around for the products. The way they handle the above-mentioned shipping, return policy and other secondary and yet important things can be crucial in making your final decision!

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