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Rick Harrison Net Worth 2024

Real Name: Rick Harrison
Birthday: June 26, 1965
Birthplace: Lexington, North Carolina
Wives: Kim 1984-1986, Tracy 1986-2011, Deana Barditt Engaged
Children: Corey Harrison, Adam Harrison, Jake Harrison
Position: Owner

Pawn Stars is one of the highest rated cable shows on Monday nights. With a rating of almost 5 million viewers every night they have an even bigger following than the Walking Dead series. But before the success of the show Rick struggled to get the series off the ground. It was a long and unbearable hall with many twist and turns.

His net worth today of $10 million speaks for itself. Because of the success of the series he earns $400,000 per season. And his business has picked up dramatically. Museums, movie studios and even Celebrities visit his shop in Las Vegas spending big bucks on his priceless items. The staff has grown from 12 when the show first aired to over 40 in that one shop. Their busiest day on Mondays, sellers say they’ve seen lines outside the store. Some people just wanting to meet the Big Hoss and his father and others who waste their time fantasizing of getting thousands for old dusty pieces they bought for $2 from a Yard sale.

Harrison spent four years pitching the idea of making a show about a pawn shop after his shop was featured in the show Insomniac with Dave Attell in 2003. In 2008, Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines of Leftfield Pictures came up with an idea about a reality show based in a Las Vegas pawn shop and approached Harrison. The series was originally pitched to HBO, though the network preferred the series to have been a Taxicab Confessions-style series taking place at the Gold & Silver’s night window.

Nancy Dubuc of the History Channel changed the format, which included the on-camera experts appraising the items brought into the Gold & Silver as well as personality dynamics of the store’s staff and patrons. Initially to have been titled Pawning History, the program was renamed Pawn Stars at the suggestion of a Leftfield staffer, playing off the term “porn stars” for more marketing appeal.

In 2012, Harrison, who was twice divorced, announced his engagement to DeAnna Burditt. The couple plan to wed on July 21, 2013 at Southern California’s Laguna Beach. It is reported that Counting Cars star and car expert Danny Koker will become a ordained minister and will wed the two, while fellow Pawn Stars costar Austin “Chumlee” Russell will serve as a ring bearer.

Harrison has two sons, Corey and Adam, with his first wife Kim, and one son, Jake, with his second wife, Tracy. Adam used to work at the pawn shop, but has since become a plumber and has no plans to appear on the show.

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