Everything you Need to Know About RV Autoformer in 2024

If you own a recreational vehicle, you have probably heard RV autoformers somewhere, and now that you are aware of it, what now? You may be curious what this device is, how it works, where to buy it, should I get one for my RV, and a lot of questions lingering in your mind. RV traveling is enjoyable, and companies are continually releasing devices that can help RV travelers make the most out of their adventure. Yes, autoformers can be one of them. If you are convinced to get one after reading this blog, you can check this post for a thorough explanation and product comparison of autoformers.

What is an RV autoformer


An autoformer is a combination of the words automatic and transformer. Just like in any industry, Rv autoformers are the ones that are responsible for stabilizing voltage and lowering the operating cost of equipment. The difference between a basic autoformer from RV autoformer is this device is specifically for your RVs, nothing special. It will just protect your electrical system inside your RV. On the contrary, RV autoformers are step-up transformers or also known as a voltage booster. According to National Electrical Code, it is essential to know these things because it is illegal to use autotransformers on RVs. We guess, better be safe than sorry, right?

Different types of autoformers

There are different types of autoformers that you should know. It is essential to be educated first before jumping on buying things you are not familiar with. However, some autoformers are based on their electric current capacity. There are two types under this classification; the ones that are 30 Amperes autoformers and the ones that are50 Amperes autoformer. It is up to you to choose what device will suit your needs. Just pick the one that is compatible with your RV’s current rating.

Then, they are models that have extra features. This is the second classification, the ones that are based on its features. Like for example, some models are multi-purpose. They are functions like power surge protection, park circuit monitoring, and a voltage booster in just one device. Some are dual-purpose only, and some are just basic autoformer wherein their only function is to control voltage.

Is it worth investing


The top and foremost reason why you need this device are it protects your RV appliances. You don’t want to buy expensive RV appliances repeatedly. This device prevents the apparatus from overheating. Electrical appliances, big or small, are sensitive to low voltage. With this device in hand, it will control the voltage once detected and sense that your appliances will overheat soon. On the other hand, with this device’s absence, your appliances can be damaged over time.

Lots of RVs, RV parks, and campgrounds have problems with low voltage.

While RV traveling, we are pretty sure that you don’t want to be disturbed by a few electrical appliances’ malfunctioning. Getting an autoformer will help control your RV voltage and maintain your devices running and safely.

For us, if given a chance. We guess investing in an autoformer is a great idea.

Set-up and use

We believe that with every device you own, you should take care of it for it to last longer. In an RV autoformer’s case, you should pay attention even to small details because it will help you, especially when you love RV traveling so much that you don’t want to stop. Nevertheless, if you’re still in doubt doing it yourself, find an electrician that will help you. If you think that you are skilled enough to figure this all out, check these steps to set up and use this helpful device.

  • When you decide to place the unit, make sure that the handle is facing upwards.
  • Look for the electrical post of your RV and connect the cord of your autoformer to it.
  • Connect your RV cord into the autoformer.
  • If you are to use an extension, connect it to the park’s post and plug the autoformer into it. Proceed in connecting the RV into the autoformer.
  • If you still need an extension to fully install it, connect it to the park’s post. Then, plug the autoformer into it and connect just like it does without extension.

After installation, you have to think about the use of this device. Just simple as its installation, its use will be just as simple to you too. Simply connect the power cord to your RV park’s power pole. Aside from that, you don’t need to do anything extra. The device will automatically do its job. Just make sure that the electrical system has air to breathe to prevent overheating. Also, keep the area dry as much as possible. Lastly, don’t change the arrangements of your electrical system and appliances when not needed. This step is crucial for the functionality of the device and the overall safety of your RV.

Where to buy it?

You can purchase this type of device in a home improvement store near you to physically check them. The downside here is it is not always available. We all know that there are only entirely a few RV travelers, which is why it is just limited and hard to find. On a side note, find an RV store in your town and check if there’s a store offering them. If you can still not find one, opt for It is hard as it is online, but it is convenient, and you’ll see if the model you want is still available in the comfort of your home.


These are the basic things that you need to know about Rv autoformers. It’s not a lot, right? Delving into these things will help your RV travel conveniently and, rest assured, adventurous. Your enjoyment and experience are vital for us. For a long time, especially when RVs are still not invented, people use caravan systems to travel even if the destinations are far. Even if it is hard, complicated, and laborious, people still choose to travel that way. With the RV invention and RV additional devices invented, our travel destinations are much more comfortable and fun.

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