Top 6 Tips for a Successful and Safe Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip in 2024

Bike riding. There is nothing quite like it in the whole wide world. Traveling in luxury and expensive cars cannot give you the satisfaction and pleasure of freedom and joy that a cheap motorbike can offer. You get to experience the world from a bit closer while experiencing the air and environment of your surroundings from a wider angle.

Those of you who are impassioned riders will understand exactly what I’m talking about. For truly passionate motorcyclists nothing beats the vibrations of the motorcycle engine while they cut through the air wherever they ride. As a biker, it is more of a norm, a tradition, or say a natural phenomenon and only a matter of time that you will feel the unquenchable desire to go on both long and short road trip adventurous.

A true biker always listens to ‘the calling’ to conquer distant places while going through different types of weather and terrains. Going through the remote countryside areas while exploring many remote off the grid adventurous places on the bike where a car or similar vehicle cannot go through can make you experience the time of your life.

Benefits do not end here. No Sir! As a motorcyclist, you can enjoy many mental and physical health benefits that car drivers can only wish for that their cars could provide. You can strengthen your spine, increase your core strength, improve your posture, enhance your joint’s health, reduce stress and anxiety, increase your aesthetics and list goes on.

And all these benefits, just to ride a motorbike. Reading this should be like music to your ears if you are a fellow biker. We can talk day and night about the benefits of motorcycling, but the purpose of this article is to guide you on how you can prepare for your long-distance road trip adventure.

So you have already decided to go on a long-distance road trip adventure. And the only thing that might be stopping you to hop on your bike and hit the road is to ensure that you know everything that you need to know to be prepared for your trip. And I couldn’t agree with you more.

Stopping and doing homework before running off to an adventure shows that you are a sensible and responsible rider. However, regardless of how careful or experienced a rider you may be. There are still a couple of things you need to ensure to make your trip successful and safe. What are they? Glad you asked, give below a read and find out.

1. Leave early


If you are going on a long-distance trip. Chances are you would have already decided on a destination or planned where you are going. In that case, it is always a best practice that you leave a bit early and ahead of time. The reason? The world is an uncertain place.

You can get stuck in an unexpected traffic jam, sleep off your expected take-off time, anything could happen. Therefore, leave at least one hour early than your original take-off time so you can stay on schedule in case any uncertainty happens on the road.

2. Riding apparel

Have in mind that you are going on a long road trip. That means you will go through different weather situations and terrains. That ultimately means to withstand all the weather situations and ride comfortably. You will need to wear proper riding apparel. Not only will you be safe while wearing riding apparel but you will also look stylish and sassy while riding.

Start by making sure that you wear safety gear such as helmet, gloves, glasses, quality boots, armored clothing, and so on. Similarly, pack a couple of extra clothes with you for different weather situations. You can wear Viking Cycle motorcycle vests if the climate is sunny and pack a leather jacket and tracksuits for cold weather.

3. Don’t forget about Music


Going through long and noisy roads can be irritating. To give your ears more upbeat sounds. Listen to music using your ear pads or hands-free to stay in a jolly mode while you travel long distances. The best way to do is to make a playlist containing your ‘only’ favorite songs that will keep you entertained all the way.

4. Stop often

Hours of constant riding can take a toll on your bike and body. To avoid getting your two-wheeler over-heated or feeling burnout, it is better that you make a few stops along the way. When you make a stop it is important that you run a full vehicle inspection and check if everything seems fine.

Check for the tire pressure, any possible leakage, fuel level, and you can also lubricate your brakes and bike’s chain with oil to keep your ride in tip-top shape.

5. Explore everything


When you go on a long-distance road trip it is imperative that you stop and explore different areas where you stop for a night. Every place you visit will have its norms, traditional foods, and souvenirs that you can try out. The essence of successful road trips lies in the fact of how much you enjoy your travel.

As it is never about reaching the destination. The fun always lies in the traveling part. Wherever you stay, visit their lock markets, attractions, try out new foods and in the process, you may also make acquaintances and friends.

6. Ring home

You may be having the time of your life while being on the road trip. But the same cannot be said about your friends and family. Your parents may get worried about you when they don’t see your face for so many weeks or maybe months.

Therefore, it is important and I cannot stress this enough. It is very important that you stay in touch with your friends and family. Now and then call your parents and let them know that you are having a blast and will be back home soon. This assurance will allow your parents to feel peace in their hearts that their children are doing fine. This will also help you to feel internally peaceful.

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