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Scott Eastwood – Biography and Net Worth 2024

34 year old Scott Eastwood is the son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and Jacelyn Reeves. Scott is trying to follow his father’s footsteps by getting into the acting game. He’s had several small roles but his most significant was acting alongside his father in Gran Torino. But not to many people remember him from the screen. It was his recent twit pics that had girls and some guys going crazy. Within minutes his shirtless pics were linked on more than 40 sites according to Alexa. He also was the third-highest searched keyword on google. Check the gorgeous pics after the jump.

He along with his sister were given their mother’s surnames and it wasn’t stated on their birth certificates that Clint was the father. When they became adults they changed their last names to Eastwood which probably gave him a boost in his hunt to be an actor. He is currently dating model Halston Sage, they met at an Abercrombie and Fifth event earlier this summer. Yeah he has a girlfriend ladies.

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