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How Much is Seth Meyers Worth in 2024?

It’s a big and scary year for the SNL alum. Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers have created a bond in the world of late night television. Fallon gets Jay Leno’s former spot while newcomer to the late night circuit Seth Meyers gets his own late night series. The 40 year old Meyers has been waiting for this moment and after years writing and starring in NBC’s Saturday Night Live he proves it was worth the wait. His late night series kicked off February 24th and the Meyers reportedly was paid $1 million for the first season. His net worth is $8 million in 2014.

He was born Seth Adam Meyers in Bedford New Hampshire. Meyers had an exceptional upbringing in an upper class family. His father works with GE Trade Finance and his mother was a French teacher who became popular in the community. She was dubbed Madame Meyers. Meyer’s ethnicity is a variety of cultures, he’s German, Jewish, English, Swedish on his mom’s side and his grandparents on his father’s side were Austrian and Bohemian. Academics was very important in their household. He and his brother Josh attended Northwestern University on partial scholarships. Funny also runs in his family. His younger brother was a recurring cast member on Mad TV. Josh and Seth, who look eerily similar, careers were almost parallel. Before Seth was cast on SNL the siblings moved to Amsterdam writing and acting in the comedy troupe Chicago Boom.

While in Amsterdam Seth created his own two person play. He and co-star Jill Benjamin took “Pick Ups and Hiccups” on the road eventually landing in Chicago. He caught the attention of the Saturday Night Live producer who invited him to audition. Seth Meyers landed the role and eventually became a main cast member. Meyers took former cast member Fallon’s role of Weekend Update’s co-anchor.

He married his longtime girlfriend Alexi Ashe on Martha’s Vineyard in 2013.

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