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Shelby Stanga l Biography l Net Worth 2024

Shelby Stanga grew up in the swamps of Louisiana. As a child he fished and played in the dark and treacherous swamps filled with alligators and other dangerous predators. The dangerous environment helped him developed a strong skill set which has made him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Shelby began pulling his first log at only 11 years old and since then it has become a very lucrative business for him and turned him into a reality show star. His net worth today is $2 million. Shelby has gotten contracts with furniture designers, construction companies and even museums. In 2011 he pulled a log for a national Zoo which he sold to them for $70,000. With years of experience, it’s no wonder he has contracts with over 20 companies at the moment.

Shelby’s big break came when he was cast by producers for the History channel series AX Men. The show documents loggers during their work in various conditions. The show has become a cult favorite with record breaking ratings for History Channel. His salary for the series topped $70,000 a year. His popularity grew from his rugged personality and southern twang. His face has been used to sell clothing, coffee mugs and more products. In 2013 Shelby signed on for his own spin off The Legend of the Swamp Man. He’s been married to his wife Donna for 11 years.

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