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How Much is Si Robertson Worth in 2024?

Phil’s younger brother, a Vietnam war veteran, and a married man (though his wife is not featured on the show). He works at Duck Commander, making the reeds that go into every duck call. Si is known for his and his ever-present blue plastic cup, which his mother sent him while he was serving overseas. His quotes and sarcastic sense of humor has made him a fan favorite on televisions biggest show. Now in it’s 4th season this maybe the last hoorah for the man millions have come to know and love. Because of his popularity he commands $1 million salary for his final season.

Uncle Si has been married for 43 years to the same woman, Christine Robertson. It is not known why she has not appeared in the storyline for “Duck Dynasty,” but Si Robertson has made it clear on the Si Robertson official Facebook that he is not available.

Everyone’s been asking so here ya go…This is me and my wife Christine, we have been married 43 years…Loved her then, Love her still, always have, always will….and you can take that to the bank, JACK!!


  • Birth name: Silas Merritt “Si” Robertson
  • Birthday: 1947
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Quote: “Hey!”
  • Wife: Christine
  • Lives: West Monroe, La

Si is the crazy uncle that everybody has. The Robertsons love to hear his crazy stories. No one believes him but Si will always claim that his stories are very close to the truth. He has told gruesome stories of dead bodies in the Vietnam war to a class of school children. He tells these flamboyant stories and Jase his nephew remembers as a child he thought Uncle Si was joking but Si himself believes them with a passion. He may seem crazy but he is the most lovable man you will meet in your life.


Si has always marched to the beat of his own drum. He compares himself to silk saying he’s smooth and sleek. Which is why Si is a bit of a ladies man. His brother Willie is a little confused as to why of all them women the Robertson men have come in touch with they always ask about Si. They are what you would call si-struck. In his day Si admits he has always been a hit with women. When he was a teen he says the best place to make out with a girl was at the local ice cream parlor. “If you’re hungry you can get burger and fries and for a desert you can have a banana split.” He is the center of attention and viewers look forward to his catch phrases every episode.

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