Sliding Windows vs Hung Windows: Which Ones Are Better?

When shopping for new windows for their houses, Canadian homeowners will come across a wide range of options when it comes to popular window styles. However, without any doubt, sliding windows and hung windows are the ones that usually come as top choices. Both styles have 2 sashes that will move within a single frame, but they still offer different features and characteristics to install them in different situations and areas.
We have gone above and beyond researching the market and comparing sliding vs hung windows from companies such as EcolineWindows. Interested? Read on.

Sliding windows: what are they?

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Sliding windows are the ones moving along the track from left to right or vice versa. They offer a large glass area, and if you are after the best view outside, this window style is just perfect. Besides that, the ventilation is also great, bringing additional air flows inside your area when sliders are fully open.


When it comes to maintenance, sliders are a popular choice among Canadians for requiring no extra care since these windows do not have a lot of moving parts compared to other window styles. Sliding windows are durable and will last many years, having no need for replacement parts. The tilt peculiarity provides these windows with easy access to clean the exterior from inside. This is another great thing for homeowners who want to cut down on maintenance costs over the years.


Safety is another concern that many homeowners are wary of. But do not be tricked by these windows having large glass areas. Sliders close, tighten, seal, and lock with much ease providing high security for your home. You can even ask your local installers to add built-in safety latches for increased security.

Sliding windows pros:

  • Easy to operate
  • Provide great ventilation
  • Allow natural light and unobstructed view
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy-efficient

Sliding windows cons:

  • Tracks need frequent cleaning because of dirt and debris

Hung windows: what are they?

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These windows are the traditional colonial-style windows. You can go either with single or double-hung windows. The only difference here is that while a single-hung unit has just top sash moving vertically to be open, double-hung windows offer both movable upper and bottom sashes. The main perks here are good ventilation and ease of operation when opening or closing windows. However, compared to sliders, hung windows do not offer the best and unobstructed view outside because of the check rail, where the bottom and upper parts of the corresponding sashes come in contact. Nevertheless, these windows are still a trendy choice among Canadians.


This is a significant benefit of hung windows. They are super easy to take care of. Again, you are able to clean the exterior of your windows from the inside. The tilt-out sash makes window cleaning a piece of cake even for those who hate this routine.


Speaking of home safety, double-hung windows offer a decent level of protection; they are sealed tightly, offer additional locks and strong hardware. What is more, these windows don’t crank outside from home, reducing risks of damage in high traffic areas.

Hung window pros:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy to open and close
  • Tracks are vertical, so they do not frequently fill up with dirt

Hung windows cons:

  • No unobstructed view outside because of check rail

Sliders vs Hung windows: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, sliding windows are usually a lit bit more expensive since they have a larger glass area. But it is impossible to give you the final price without knowing your ultimate preferences that might include frame material, glazing, hardware and other add-ons. Anyway, you can get a general understanding of what the prices are for both styles by analyzing the table below that compares both windows by location within your home.

Location Sliding  Single Hung
Basement $394 – $1057 n\a
Bathroom $394 – $1033 $95 – $1500
Bedroom $437 – $1521 $587 – $2115
Bonus room $820 – $1248 $634 – $1374
Dining room $669 – $1957 $529 – $1466
Family room $490 – $1131 $569 – $1155
Foyer $465 – $778 $500 – $854
Front $785 – $968 $510 – $925
Garage $391 – $1085 $588 – $732
Kitchen $394 – $1595 $445 – $1595
Living room $433 – $2327 $429 – $1614
Master bedroom $452 – $1810 n\a
Nook $658 – $1142 $473 – $1186

Sliders or Hung windows: What to choose?

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Well, there is no clear answer regarding what style to go with. In fact, you can go with both if you are planning a major window replacement project since both window types are used for different placements.

  • Sliding windows are the best fit for openings where the width is bigger than the height. Sliders are usually installed in rooms that require supreme ventilation and an unobstructed view. Sliding windows are also popular for hard-to-reach spaces, such as above a kitchen sink or behind a garden.
  • Hung windows are the go-to choices for openings that have a height being greater than the width. Excellent ventilation and easy maintenance make these windows popular for many Canadian houses and usually are installed in areas where the view outside is not that much concerned.

Some extra to know before getting new windows

Now you should know more about the above-discussed window styles, but still, there are some additional key aspects to bear in mind before rushing over to look for companies to install your new windows.

  • Always consider buying only Energy Star-rated products. In this way, you get energy-efficient products that will help you to save on your annual energy bills.
  • Make sure you deal with a reliable installer. Even the best windows worth nothing in case they are installed poorly. Check the company’s reputation, experience and warranty.
  • Ask your window company whether their products are NFRC and NAFS-11 testes. If yes, this is a good sign that you get the best windows from a reliable installer.
  • Before ordering new windows, analyze your interior and exterior to select the proper window style, frame material and painting. That guarantees you will get the products that fit your house look and improve its value.
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