Staffing Shortages in Hospitality, Tourism Industries Could Have Long-Lasting Impact

Every business needs some staff, but is it a vital thing? It depends. There are some businesses where a workforce shortage won’t be that bad because someone else can do their job. However, in some businesses having staff is a crucial thing. For example, restaurants. Lack of staff means poor service to the customers. This will eventually show your negative image to your customers.

Therefore, before hiring your staff, you should conduct a proper interview. And after hiring them, you should provide them with proper training. But this makes the whole process time-consuming and energy-consuming. Furthermore, you will have to spend more amount on your HR department. With better HR, you will get the best staff.

For example, you were running your business just fine and are making amazing profits too. Now you want to expand your business. The first thing that you will need is area and then staff. You can get the location but what about the trained staff? It will become a headache for you.

Therefore, instead of spending all your time on the hiring and training process, you can simply go to and get trained staff. You can partner with them. Let them know about your conditions and make a deal. This will be just like outsourcing your work. You can share profits with them and get the well-trained team without going through much trouble.

Does staff shortage affect the hospitality business?

1 – First impression is the last


This was a famous line and still, many people go by it. Despite your views on it, people tend to focus a lot on their first impressions. If you are meeting someone special for the first time, you will prepare yourself very well.

Whether your first impression is the last one or not, it surely stays with them for a long time. Therefore, businesses also make sure that they offer the best services to their customers.

So when it comes to the hospitality and tourism business, it is the staff that makes them best. Why do people like going to restaurants? Well, there are multiple reasons. But even if you can get the same food at home, why bother going out to eat? To get the best experience. You feel someone special and get some protocol out there.

That is why the staff at restaurants and tourist attractions are specially trained. They know how to treat their customers.

But wait,

If everything goes well, what’s the problem then?

Because the staff is also human beings, they feel tired. So if your business is short of staff, the pressure on the remaining ones will be more. They can manage it for some time but not for a longer duration. Eventually, they will start to feel stressed out and their performance will get affected. Thus, the result will be compromising on their performance, leaving your customers bothered. So they might not want to visit you again. Even if someone suggests your name, they will tell them about their bad experience.

2 – Customers not satisfied


Hospitality and tourism businesses work by providing special care to the customers. People who go to such places, go there for relaxation and to spend some quality time. However, if they do not get that relaxing time, why would they go again?

Do you get the point? This is the crucial importance of enough staff over there.

Hotels, resorts, parks and any such places require enough staff to deal with customers in the right way. Too much pressure on team will impact their performance too. Therefore, if you are short on staff, make sure to hire new ones and train them.

In addition to providing services to the customers, hospitality industries should focus on staff welfare ad care too. The better the staff, the better will be your image in the industry. Your staff’s performance will leave an impression in the mind of customers. A positive impression will make them visit again. Likewise, a negative impression will leave them bothered.

3 – Housekeeping and customer complaints


Despite trying your best, you can still get some complaints. Therefore, when you are working in the hospitality business, you should always make your customer your priority. One of the ways of doing so is by getting customer’s reviews before they leave.

To do this, a lot of restaurants provide a card. Customers can mark their experience on it. Whether the food quality was good enough or not. Moreover, if the staff was well-mannered or not. If the customers have any complaints regarding any service, the staff should be able to deal with them. So even with complaints, the satisfactory response from the staff will make the customer feel special.

As a result of this, the customers will have a positive image of your brand.

So you are working on maintaining your good name in the market. More negative reviews and poor staff will be deadly for the hospitality business in the longer run.

4 – Compromising your market reputation


If you are not going to spend efforts and money on your staff, you will pay in the long run. Not getting enough staff will leave you with compromising customer service. This will ruin your public image. The hospitality and tourism business is highly competitive. You can easily find numerous restaurants and eateries to eat from.

If your customer leaves your place unsatisfied, they have plenty of other options to choose from. They won’t like to come back to you. Therefore, you should try your best to treat them in a good way. In addition to this, your customers should leave with happy faces. Because otherwise, they will tell others about their bad experience and it will affect them too,

So every time someone recommends your name, a negative review will arrive too. Thus, you will only ruin your name by compromising in this regard.

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