• Business

    Staffing Shortages in Hospitality, Tourism Industries Could Have Long-Lasting Impact

    Every business needs some staff, but is it a vital thing? It depends. There are some businesses where a workforce shortage won’t be that bad because someone else can do their job. However, in some businesses having staff is a crucial thing. For example, restaurants. Lack of staff means poor service to the customers. This will eventually show your negative…

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  • Tips

    How to Run a Successful Restaurant Opening

    When it comes to setting up a successful restaurant, one of the most important things to consider is the opening. It is the very first time people will be able enjoy your restaurant. A lot depends on the restaurant opening being a success, so you should make the event a spectacle. Here are some tips for running a successful restaurant…

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  • Net Worth

    Paula Deen Net Worth 2023

    How Much Is Paula Deen Worth In 2013? Paula Deen, cook, restaurant owner, author, and host of several Food Network series has built a media empire which is

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  • Travel

    Advice for Going to Pubs and Restaurants in the UK

    There are some very good restaurants and pubs out there in the United Kingdom, especially London, for example, The Cornershop Bar is a pub in Shoreditch High Street which hosts live comedy and also a fantastic place to watch live sports. The past year has seen countries, including those in the United Kingdom, impose new restrictions and levels or “tiers”…

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  • Foods

    5 Fast Food Chains Who are Giving Back to Their Communities

    Supporting local businesses is one of the things we all should do right now to help each other tide through the health and economic crisis brought upon by the pandemic. Small restaurants, in particular, are often very active in giving back to their communities, so it would be nice to lend them a hand as well during these tough times.…

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