How to Stay Anonymous When Gambling Online – 2024 Guide

Gambling online has become more and more popular nowadays due to the advent of the pandemic. This has resulted in a surge of thousands of offline players turning to online casinos for their gambling. And why not? Online gambling can be as good as offline gambling once you get used to it. However, a rising concern among new players is their privacy; are they really anonymous while playing at an online casino?

The short answer is no, not really, since it’s necessary to give your personal information to your casino before you start playing on it. According to, player anonymity and security are essential while playing at online casinos. While your personal identity is still with your online casino, the other aspects of your information like your IP, banking details, and privacy can be made anonymous.

This is a blessing in disguise for any player who wishes to achieve maximum anonymity while playing at online casinos. Whether it be to hide your gambling habit from your family or friends or avoiding casino payments to register on your credit card which can decrease your credit score, we all have our reasons for being anonymous while playing at an online casino. There are several simple steps you can adopt to stay anonymous and in this guide, we’ll tell you how –

Choose other forms of payment.

One of the simplest ways of protecting your online privacy is to get a new form of payment to pay for your gambling habits instead of your debit or credit card. Debit cards and credit cards can be easily traceable to your bank account which compromises your security details. Also, if you share an account with your spouse they’ll immediately know that you have started gambling again which is an undesirable consequence for any gambler.

To avoid the credit card and debit card mess, you can simply opt for other forms of payment like cryptocurrency or pre-paid deposit methods –



Cryptocurrency has started gaining popularity with various online casino players who are very diligent in protecting their privacy. Paying with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin makes your payments anonymous and secure. Since your bitcoin’s profile address changes with each transaction, there is no way for your casino to know who exactly paid them. This way you can also avoid the entire fiasco of using credit cards and debit cards.

An additional benefit of using cryptocurrency is that when you use it, you are actually investing in it. Since bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are popular now, having some money in your bitcoin wallet is quite a good investment. Not only do you protect your privacy but you also invest your money to get some extra cash on the way.

Pre-paid cards.


Another option gaining popularity right now is pre-paid cards or vouchers. They are much easier to use, access and can be bought in cash. These vouchers can be bought from any general store, petrol station and anywhere where you can buy retail vouchers. Once you pay a certain amount of cash, you are given a coupon or code that you can put in your casino account to transfer money.

You’ll get all the amount or at the very least most of it, that you paid in cash, delivered to your casino account. This method leaves no trace of your banking details and is a viable option for people who don’t have the option of using cryptocurrency as payment.

Use proxy servers or VPNs while playing online.


An amazing way to safeguard your IP address and mask your location from your online casino is by using a VPN or a proxy server. Both are very viable options for protecting your data from online casinos who might use it against you (which happens if the casino is unlicensed). There are many VPNs out there available both as apps and browser extensions.

You can choose whichever way you prefer because both have the same function. All you need to do is install them on your smartphone, computer, or browser and set its location to any other country except yours. This will not only change your IP address but also your location. Many VPNs give free services if you can’t pay for them; however, if you are going to use them extensively, we recommend buying their premium service for additional benefits.

Proxy servers work similarly except that they are only available through browsers and are quite slow compared to VPNs. However, if you are in an emergency where you really need to use an online casino badly and you can’t find a decent VPN that works, you can consider using a proxy server from the countless servers available online.

Stay aware while playing online.


This goes without saying, but it’s important enough to be reminded again – stay aware at all costs when you are playing at an online casino. Your awareness should be at its peak when you are gambling with other players.

After all, no form of online encryption and unique methods of payment will save your privacy if you disclose it yourself unconsciously. Hackers and scammers are lurking in every casino so it’s crucial you protect your privacy from them.

If you are playing on slot sites such as this one or with another player online and they ask you for your personal information through chat, either consider muting them or ending the game altogether. Not only can the player see your information through chat but the casino can too because many chat systems are monitored to avoid shady activity and cheating.

Also, consider using an alternative email to your current one when registering at an online casino. It doesn’t require much time to create an email address but it can go a long way to protecting your identity. If your children or your spouse use your computer, smartphone, or laptop, always clear your browsing history after your gambling session.

And the last, but not at all the least, is to not download any form of software or applications from your online casino. These can easily steal your data if you don’t check the permission you are giving them.


In today’s online world, it is vital to stay anonymous and secure especially while gambling online. We hope this guide helped you with that, and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us immensely.

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