Sun Protection – What to Know About Skin Safety

Sun protection has been a topic of conversation for generations. Everyone knows that the sun, although mood-boosting, and offering some health benefits too, can really do some damage. The saying “fun in the sun” isn’t so fun when considering the detriments of too much sun exposure including serious diagnoses like skin cancer. Read the following useful information about sun protection and what to know about how to stay safe in the sun.

Is Sunshine Healthy?


The answer to this question is a million times YES! The sun offers health benefits like boosting our levels of vitamin D which leads to a healthier immune system. The sun also aids in amping up our mood and making us feel happier. Everyone can agree on that. There are many benefits to soaking up the sun but as with anything in life, moderation is key.

The Bad Part

The bad part about staying out in the sun too long is that the sun gives off ultraviolet rays. These are called UV rays for short. These rays are extremely powerful and contain skin-damaging effects. When exposed to the strength of UV rays for too long, your skin will suffer. Sun damage comes in the form of burnt skin, blisters, fine lines, and wrinkles, and sometimes more serious consequences such as skin cancer.

Wear Sunscreen


The first way to follow healthy sun protection habits is to find a clean ingredient sunscreen and wear that when being exposed to the sun for long periods of time. If you’re going to spend the entire day outside at the beach, park, or taking a long walk, it’s a good idea to slather on some sunscreen, especially on troublesome areas where the sun scorches the quickest like the nose and shoulders. Select a high-end sunscreen made from quality ingredients that you don’t feel bad about putting on your skin.


Carbon 60 is a molecule with 60 carbon atoms attached all around in the shape of a sphere. This powerful antioxidant known as C60 for short, is the pinnacle of potent free radical neutralizing power according to Shopc60. Most antioxidants can only kill off one free-radical at a time but the power of C60 products is that their antioxidant power can reset itself and continue working. C60 products come in many forms such as skin oils that work as a protectant from the elements and helps to induce the antioxidant power of C60. C60 products are the cadillac of antioxidant skin care.


Sun protection is simple, when you’re feeling the burn or you feel yourself getting lightheaded and overheated it’s time to hit some shade. Spending intermittent time in the shade is a powerful way of combating the harmful effects of the sun. You can take shade on the go with beach umbrellas, and if you don’t own one, just grab a regular umbrella and use it to protect you from UV rays. Wearing a hat is also a great option to shade your scalp from the scorching heat and strength of the sun.

Afternoon Sun

The afternoon Sun is the strongest and UV rays are particularly strong at this point in the day. The hours from 10 am-4 pm are when people are more prone to getting sunburns. It’s best to avoid being in direct sunlight during this time or as mentioned before take breaks in the shade. The early morning hours and anytime after 5pm is the safest time to bask in the sun although experts agree that if the sun is out then UV rays are still reaching our skin.

Wear Layers


If you’re really concerned about protecting yourself from the sun, then adding some light layers to your outfit will help keep you extra safe from UV rays. Materials like linen and pure cotton are best and they prevent your body from sweating too much. Adding light layers can be especially helpful for babies and infants as they tend to have a coller body temperature than most adults.

Enjoy the Sun

Don’t be afraid of the sun. Bask in the sunshine, play outside, and book your next sunny vacation but do it all while taking precautionary measures to protect your skin from burns and other serious effects from sun exposure.

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