5 Ways New Technologies are Affecting Building Maintenance – 2024 Guide

The process of business maintenance includes things like cleaning the whole area, removing any garbage or debris, as well as repairing things that have been broken. These are only some of the things that are covered by the process, and depending on the company that does the maintenances, there can be a lot more things that are done by the service. In the past, everything was done by hand, and the whole process was slower, relatively unsafe for the crew, and it costed a lot more. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, and by introducing new things, the whole maintenance process has been affected.

It is said that new technologies are affecting every industry, and in this article, we are going to mention some of the ways maintenance has been changed because of them. Continue reading if you want to learn how you can improve your business, how you can make sure that customer satisfaction is on a higher level, and how you can create a better workspace for your team.

1. Security


The first things we are going to talk about are smart buildings and the overall improved security process. No matter if we are talking about a residential place, or a commercial property, everyone wants to know that their home or office is safe and protected.

By introducing the right tools and gadgets, we can safely stay there without worrying that something will happen, or that our lives will be at risk. Starting from top-notch cameras that can detect any movement, and notify users about an intruder, up to smart alarm systems, that can measure not only the smoke but also the temperature of the apartments. With them, if there is anything that goes wrong, all the occupants in the structure will be notified, and they will be able to leave the premises promptly.

In addition to this, the whole process of repair and maintenance is safer because of modern tech, and crews nowadays don’t have to work at heights, or with dangerous products without having the right equipment that will protect their lives.

2. Cleaning


Now let’s talk about cleaning because if the structure is not sanitary, it can lead to serious diseases and complications for all the people who are there. There are a lot of hidden dangers that we don’t pay enough attention to, and by disregarding them, we put ourselves at risk.

Cleaning the floors of the facility can only do so much, and we need to think about all the things that need to be regularly maintained. All the trashes and dirt need to be regularly emptied and swept, and the mirrors, elevators, as well as lighting fixtures, should also be replaced, cleaned, and sanitized. Some of the things that many people tend to forget about are the gutters, and according to GutterCleaningSpecialists, modern technology allows services to do this task promptly and correctly.

3. Utility bills


The intelligent software introduced nowadays will let you know about anything that is going on in the structure, and you will be able to reduce the utility bills with it. With smart lights and sensors, the lights won’t be on all the time, and with that, the overall electricity bill will be reduced.

As things evolve, we realize how much “Green” ideas can make a difference, and when we implement this into the overall structure, it is going to not only reduce heating bills, but it will also help nature and the planet.

4. Faster done tasks


In every structure, there are a number of things that need to be done, and if things are not done correctly and timely, the residents there may complain, and you also risk lawsuits. When you start introducing the right type of software and management planers, you will be able to get things done with ease.

The latest technologies allow managers to learn about anything that needs to be changed, replaced, fixed, or cleaned in a building, and they can give tasks to their team right away. With the sensors that can be placed, you will get information about the condition of the structure, how things are working, if anything needs to be updated, or if anything needs to be cleaned.

5. Health


The last thing we are going to talk about his health. If the structure is not cleaned and maintained properly, it is going to lead to serious health issues and risks. Here we are talking about things that can happen because of broken objects, and those that can happen because of nonregular maintenance.

For example, if the lights are not changed and fixed on time, people may easily trip and fall down. On the same note, if the elevators are not serviced, this could also lead to many serious problems. When things like gutters and ventilation are not serviced and cleaned, water can get into the building and it can not only damage items, but it can also produce mold.

Luckily, with the new technologies that are available for us and for the maintenance services, everything can be done on time, without missing a crucial part of the cleaning process.

Some of the things that are introduced to speed up the process and to make things easier include automated maintenance software, drones, advanced HVAC technology, building information modeling tools, and many more.

All of these things are just a small part of the whole process, and as time goes by, experts suggest that most of the processes that are done by hand now, will be later on automated. This can lead to better maintenance, safer objects, satisfied customers, and fewer risks for the human team. The facility management costs are already greatly reduced, and it is said that they will go down even further.

What do you think has affected the building cleaning and repair process the most? Do you think that these tools will become more or less useful in the future? When choosing the right company to do this process, you need to find people who are reliable, trustworthy, and who will be able to provide you with emergency servicing and help.

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