Tees You Should Not Miss on for Your Wardrobe in 2024

Being a man, you may find it unfair that you do not have many options in everything. Well, if you really think so, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Once you start looking for the clothes around you, you will get the perfect options. You are no longer limited to white and black options in clothes; you can go beyond boundaries.

If you do not know much about the options that you have in clothes, you end up wearing the same type of clothes every other day. Your weeks look all the same. You should check out platforms like NNNow with interest. If you are an individual who finds it hard to choose t-shirts, then this post is for you. Here are a few types of t-shirts that you must have in your wardrobe.

Smart Button-Down Shirt


In case you haven’t tried this type of shirt, then you must try it out. This kind of menswear classic has been working as the ground of various types of stylish outfit for over a couple of decades. The fabric is somewhat thick compared to most of the others in shirting. Hence, fabric provides it with a general edge. A button-down shirt collar blended with that hanger loop to the back of the yoke is a usual design trait.

Striped T-Shirt

Striped ones are a must-have for all occasions and seasons. There are options out there in these kinds of t-shirts, such as horizontal or vertical stripes, then there are black, white, or diverse types of coloured stripes. You can also find diversity in the stripes in terms of thin or thick stripes. There are even males who love to wear striped t-shirts. You must try these tees because they can even make you appear slimmer and fitter. And undoubtedly, these tees will make you look smart and active.

Hooded T-shirts


These are the amazing t-shirts that are absolutely popular in this current era. You can find men and boys wearing different t-shirts that have crazy and classy hoodies; have you? It won’t’ be wrong to say that Hooded t-shirts are popular among males who are conscious about their fashion. Such a multipurpose and classy t-shirt adds just the right pinch of edge to your off-duty appearance. You can have these tees on at any time of the year because they can guard you against the breeze, rain, and even heat!

Comfortable Pocket t-shirts

Do you possess a pocket t-shirt?

These pocket tees are there with a plain or checked small pocket over the left side of t-shirts. The pocket is just for a chic and to add tang and interest to a plain t-shirt. You can team up such a tee with a jean or even trouser for a graceful look. And even if you do not like to put your stuff or hand in the pocket, that is fine. These tees have pockets that will add up to your looks rather than offering you an area to keep stuff.

Polo t-shirts


There is each possibility that you own these tees in your wardrobe. These polo t-shirts are absolutely dynamic as you can wear them for a formal event, get-together, golf, hanging out with loved ones, or even running errands. These types of t-shirts are best for males having lean body frame as they create an illusion of a broader upper body. Without any doubt, such types of tees look really handsome and add a pinch of smartness in the looks.

Graphic T-Shirt

Graphic t-shirts are just like a version of a printed T-shirt. This is a t-shirt that owns an image, a specific type of pattern, or a design. You can even find lettering on it. The printings on the cloth are done with the assistance of textile printing. There are types of printed T-shirts that exist. In case you like to read and say quotes and pass thoughts, then you can get some exciting t-shirts with quotes too. There are cartoons, texts, characters, and literally, anything or everything painted out there on these tees.

Henley t-shirts


Then these are a collarless version of polo t-shirts having a buttoning placket of diverse inches. These tees look wonderful when you wear them with chinos, denim, cargos, or sweatpants for casual and sort of semi-formal occasions. You can always find these Henley t-shirts in manifold patterns and colour, but one in plain, neutral shade appears to be the best. You can easily try them out, and you would second the opinion laid down here.

V-neck T-Shirt

Talking about a V-neck shirt, it is the type of neck tee that makes your neck look longer. It is a clear reason that majority of males often search for V-neck T-shirts. You can look for printed to that of slim type t-shirts that too at a price that won’t hamper your budget. You can choose the textures, designs, prints, and colours as per your preference.

How can you choose the right tees?

If you are a person who faces a lot of trouble in buying the right type of tee, then here are some points to keep in mind before you make a purchase.

Check Fitting

Fit is the foundation of good style. But when you mostly think of this dimension in respect of garments like the suit and dress shirt, it gets unconditionally vital to get a great fit in your t-shirts, too.

Pick an apt Size


A t-shirt must be neither too loose nor too tight. In case it is too big, it is going to curtain and sag like a cover of a pillow and look really ugly. And if you go for too tight options, you will look like a stuffed sausage. However, if you are in proper shape and have a good build, you can tend towards tighter over baggy. If you are obese, then you can choose a looser fit. However, do not go far, as too much additional fabric will only make you look massive.

Check the Shoulders

The area where the sleeves of your tee associate with the body must rather exactly align with where your shoulder ends. It should not be lower on the arm or towards your neck. Once you are sure about the shoulder of the tee, you can be sure about your purchase.


So, go ahead and grab these t-shirts for your wardrobe. After all, these are going to keep you smart and active the year around.

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