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Theresa Caputo – Net Worth 2024

With an unbelievable gift to channel the dead and share her communications with their loved ones Theresa Caputo has touched millions of Americans with her gift through personal readings and on her hit series Long Island Medium. Today the psychic has become a pop phenomenon. Despite her growing popularity she still charges only $100 per reading and is booked three years in advance. In it’s 4th season Caputo earns $400,000 per season just under Honey Boo Boo star Alana Thompson. Her net worth in 2024 is $2.5 million.

47 year old Theresa Caputo was born July 3rd 1966 near Mineola in Nassau County New York. According to her story Theresa has been seeing spirit since she was 4 years. Growing up she dealt with a series of migraines when she picked up spirits which also lead to anxiety. As a child she was unable to connect her health issues with her gift. It wasn’t until she became interested in practicing spirituality that she was able to become aware of the spirits. It was her mentor Pat Longo who helped her address the psychic abilities when she was 35 years old. Since then she has done readings for over 125 brokenhearted people trying to connect with their lost loved ones.

Her astrological zodiac sign is Cancer which describes her strong ability to nurture others. She has been married to her high school sweetheart Larry Caputo for 22 years and the couple have two children Larry and Victoria who viewers have watched develop into adults on the series.

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