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Tiffney Cambridge Net Worth 2024

Dating a Hip Hop warrior who is always ready to go in for the kill is not easy for a well educated school teacher. But Tiffney Cambridge is no fool to the game she has been dating rapper Jayceon Taylor for 9 years and the couple have two beautiful children together Cali Dream and King Justice Taylor. She had a successful career of her own with a Masters degree from USC. She is worth an estimated $100,000 from her $30,000 a year teacher’s salary. Tiffney’s age is 38 years old just a few years older than The Game. The couple opened up and allowed VH1 to film them planning their wedding which didn’t happen last year. After bickering over everything from the wedding cake to possible infidelities. It’s been a rocky road for the couple but they are still managing to hold together and become a family that the Game himself never had. In Season 2 viewers will get the chance to see the couple attempt to rebuild their relationship. Tiffney called off their wedding just 10 days before the date citing she didn’t feel he was ready for marriage. Because she didn’t decide to get married doesn’t mean she was ready to give up on them. Their relationship has been filled with a series of ups and downs but the couple has seem to overcome. They met in 2005 following the release of his debut album The Documentary at a party in LA. He had already had his first child Harlan from a previous relationship. During their relationship Tiff and Jaceyon had split up in 2006 and he had begun dating actress and model Valeisha Butterfield. They announced their engagement in 2006 but the couple went their separate ways. Shortly after, The Game ran right back to Tiffney and the couple actually got pregnant with their first child the same year. In April 2007 she gave birth to King Justice and a few years later their daughter Cali Dream. Tiffney Cambridge teaches a 5th grade class in Los Angeles California. He showed up to her school with their beautiful children Cali Dream and King Justice and proposed to her in front of the class.

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