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Todd Chrisley – Biography, Wiki and Net Worth 2024

Birthplace: Westminster, South Carolina
Birthday: 1969
Age: 45
Wife: Julie Chrisley
Children: Savannah, Chase, Lindsey, Kyle, Grayson
Net Worth: under $5 million. Owes nearly $45 million to debt collectors.

Chrisley Knows Best premiered on USA network to less than stellar ratings but the show still seemed to garner a large social media following. The night of it’s premiere in March it ranked number 1 on Google search and the top trending topic on twitter for over 12 hours. So what’s the deal with Todd Chrisley and his family?

According to the story at Todd Chrisley is a millionaire. He earned a majority of his fortune from his business.


Chrisley Asset Management, a firm that, according to court documents, has been struggling for a number of years, even as Mr. Chrisley and family continue to live a very lavish lifestyle, including owning a 30,000 square foot mansion and spending $300 thousand dollars per year on clothes.

That’s a little scary. That sort of lifestyle is what you call “ghetto fabulous.” It’s the best way to describe those who live in the projects and have Mercedes, Chargers, and Range Rovers parked outside their homes.

The article went on to say he filed for bankruptcy in 2012 claiming he had $4.2 million in assets and was $50 million in debt. So how the world did the producers decide to do a show surrounding this poser?

There were also a series of gay rumors that ignited during the premiere. Todd is extremely flamboyant and his southern accent almost sounds like a beauty queen. Todd’s behavior towards his children and obsessiveness with how his family looks and is groomed s=is a bit too much. He’s stepped far beyond the lines of metrosexual and gone into Queen territory. It’s almost hard to believe that he conceived those children sexually with his wife. I’m just saying, coming from a gay man I would definitely known. I’ve seen Drag Queens and bottoms act more masculine than him. According to an interview with People Magazine he stated the gay rumors have been apart of his life for a long time. There is “no coming out” he says.

Todd Chrisley has also had a series of plastic surgery done. According to an email I received this morning from a “source” Todd apparently gets botox treatments, and has had a face lift and several skin peels.
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