Top 5 Smartest Musicians in 2024

Writing college essays about music is not easy because most of the information available paints musicians in negative light. For most music lovers, listening to good music is enough without even knowing the background of the artists. It is an attitude that emanates from the misconception that music-making is a natural talent and the artists are thus not smarter than the next person. Well, you will be surprised to learn that some famous musicians are some of the most intelligent guys around. It is about not only high IQ but also applying their talent to attain the highest accolades in their areas of specialization while doing music.

If you have a paper to write on musicians, you need to have a look at these intelligent musicians. It will give you another perspective about your favorite musician.

1. Brian May

With the hype surrounding Bohemian Rhapsody a move about Freddie Mercury and the band Queen, it is only fitting to start this list with Brian May. May is one of the most talented guitarists and it was only natural for him to become part of one of the greatest rock bands in the world, Queen.

Brian May in academic regalia

In addition to his guitar prowess, May is brilliant in astrophysics. He has received honors degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Imperial College of London and completed his Ph.D. in astrophysics in October 2007 and has published extensively in this field.

2. Milo Aukerman

If you love modern punk rock, then you probably know the rock band The Descendents. What you might not know is that Milo Aukerman the front man is a smart guy and earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin while still rocking. Aukerman is now a plant researcher in Delaware and tours when time allows.

3. Tom Scholz

Boston the band is one of the most influential acts in rock and it has a fan base across the world. What many fans might not know is that Tom Scholz the founder and guitarist of the band is one of the most intelligent guys in music. Scholz graduated from MIT with a Masters degree in mathematical engineering and now owns his own innovation company. He designed the Rockman guitar amp and other recording hardware.

4. Ke$ha

You might know her from hit songs like “Tik Tok’ and ‘Take it Off” but there’s a lot you don’t know about Ke$ha. For a start, she has an IQ of 140 making her one of the smartest people on earth. She turned down a scholarship from Columbia-affiliated Barnard College to make a career in music and it seems things worked out just fine.

5. Dexter Holland

It seems like most guitarists are smart and in this list, you should add Dexter Holland an influential member of the Offspring band. Dexter has a degree in Biology and a masters degree in Molecular Biology from the University of South California. His ambition to pursue a doctorate is still alive though music comes first.

Worth mention in the list of smart musicians include Alicia Keys, Greg Graffin, (Paul) Simon & (Art) Garfunkel, Tom Morello, Annie Lennox, Philip Taylor Kramer, Maynard James Keenan, Bob Dylan to mention but a few. If you have searched “help to write essays for me,” you can find more resources and expert writers from the best writing service to help with your essay in music.

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