Is It Possible To Use Mathematics To Beat The Bookies?

Many bettors want to win against the bookmakers in gambling, but it may sometimes seem impossible. Although the process is not a cakewalk, if a correct strategy is followed, it is possible. One of the best ways to defeat bookmakers is by leveraging mathematics. Moreover, you will not achieve success in knocking bookmakers by employing shortcuts. If it would have been so easy, then everyone could beat bookmakers using shortcuts, and the bookmakers would have lost their business very soon.

However, if you place bets utilizing the correct approach, you can easily win against the bookmakers. To achieve this, exhibit your long-lost love for mathematics, and there you go! You must have heard numerous people complaining about how all their lives they have learned mathematics, but they have not used it in real-time scenarios, and it is now time to employ maths in real-life. Mathematics can be used while placing bets on sports. Bookmarker Advisor has a tool that helps bettors increase their chances of winning.

Influence Of Maths On Sports Betting


Knowingly or unknowingly, betting on sports and mathematics share a close relation. With the help of maths, the odds of winning in sports betting can be easily determined. To specify the price of a single bet, the probability of it occurring is worked out. After factoring in the house edge, a decision is made to propose a certain price to the consumers.

All of this requires a deep understanding of odds. It depicts that mathematics is an integral part of sports betting. You will have to judge the probabilities of a win when looking for value bets. If, while placing bets, you realize that the chances of an event taking place are more than the odds, the bet is of great value.

The Handicap Market


In the beginning, you will be unfamiliar with a lot of jargon and special terms used by the people in sports betting. However, with time and practise, you will soon be able to catch up. Selecting winning wagers will become a lot easier task when you start to learn about the different kinds of markets. To beat the bookmakers, the handicap market is one of the most preferred and favorite markets.

With handicaps, one can easily get the house of edge out from the hands of the bookmakers. Even if you lose the bet, you can expect to get the stake returned, which further reduces bets’ risks. Also, in the handicap market, value obtained is often the best.

The underlying mathematics in gambling and odds helps to decide whether a wager is worth it when pursued or not. Bettors need to know that there are several different kinds of odds that include the fractional, American, and decimal odds. Several different types are used to represent distinct formats of different probabilities. Bookmakers also use such kinds, and they can also convert one kind into another.

Formulating Wagering Models Using Maths


Probabilities and handicaps will help you only to a certain level, and beyond that, you will have to step up your game and use new betting models. These algorithms come quite handy in deciding which bet to place and when to place it. It is quite natural of you to think that creating a betting model is quite difficult. However, it is quite the opposite. All you need is a little expertise and command over probability and its tactics. With the right betting model, you will start getting wins within no time. Moreover, they come in regularly.

The best thing about using these algorithms is that you can easily make some changes in the model, and it will not adversely affect your win strategy. Instead, these small changes will boost your win percentage. Moreover, with so much information on the internet, you can easily make a betting model that yields results.

Apart from this, beating the bookmaker requires a few more details. You need to ensure that you get the best odds before you place any bet. The difference might be negligible. However, all this will eventually add up in the long run. Make sure to keep your ego aside and not chase any losses. All you need to do is trust your model and play accordingly.

Possibilities And Bets


The occurring probability of a sports event cannot be accurately measured. It is one of the main reasons why bookmakers employ statistical data and systems to measure every event’s probability. Hence, it would help if you always kept in mind that the bookmakers predefine an event’s probability. One of the major goals of bettors should be to estimate the probabilities adequately. That being said, both mathematical analysis knowledge and information are critical.

To achieve this, it is crucial to convert the odds of sports bookmakers into probabilities.

Bookmakers don’t anticipate that the bettor will win the money in a particular bet, and if you understand the reason behind it, you will quickly know the working of the betting odds. The configuration is usually the same. The event or sport you plan to bet on doesn’t matter. The odds of betting is always about two major things:

To win the bets on sports betting, you need to understand that you must always place bets on greater odds instead of depending on the implied probability of the outcome. It may seem simple to you, but putting it into practice is somewhat difficult. However, it has a very simple logic behind it. The bettors will have to think of the percentage chance of a particular outcome happening versus the odds that bettors get.

Final Word

Pricing made by the bookmakers is one of the basic things that bettors need to understand to win a bet. The key principle of winning in betting is not when you think you can win but when the possibility of your winning is high. The points as mentioned above will help you make an informed decision.

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