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Victoria Granucci Net Worth 2024 – Former Model, Actress, and Singer

Victoria Granucci is a former model, actress, and singer, among many other things. She rose to prominence in the 80s, working in the entertainment industry, but today she keeps her life to herself. While she did make a name for herself in the same sector mentioned above, she’s more famous for another thing. Victoria is the ex-wife of famed singer, songwriter, painter, actor, and film-director John Mellencamp, also known as Johnny Cougar.

Victoria was born on November 26th of 1958, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her zodiac is Scorpio. All we know about her education is that she attended high school, while we found no information regarding college education. Not much is known about her early life, but as she entered her twenties, she started doing work as a model and an actress. Older readers might remember her for her roles in TV shows such as Fantasy Island, Happy Days, and Chips. These days she lives a secluded life, staying away from the spotlight.

Granucci’s Personal Life


Despite sounding Italian, Victoria was born and raised in America. She takes pride in being an American, and this was never an issue for her. She’s 61 years old; 5 inches, 7 feet tall; and she weighs 143 pounds.

As we said, not much is known about Victoria prior to her marriage to John Mellencamp. She married the singer way back in 1981. The couple lived happily for a couple of years. The product of their love in the 80s is two children, both daughters. They named them Teddi Jo and Justice. After nine years of being married, Granucci and Mellencamp divorced in 1989.

Regardless of the fact that their love story lasted less than a decade, it was indeed a tale for the ages. It would seem that John fell in love with Victoria before even meeting her. This happened when he found a picture of her, and after watching it for hours, he fell in love with the image and then asked a friend to arrange a meeting. This event happened in the coming weeks, and the pair met for the first time at their friend’s house.

What followed was a short relationship and, of course, the marriage that bore fruits in the form of their daughters. Their first daughter was born on July 1st, 1981, while the second one came in 1985. Only a few years later, the couple split and filed for a divorce. While the reasons weren’t confirmed publicly, it is suspected that John was cheating on her while on tour. Other sources claim that it was the fact that their marriage ran its course and that they decided to call it quits together.

Today, Victoria Granucci is living with her daughter and her grandchildren. If you take a look at her Facebook page, you can see that she enjoys her role as a grandmother and being with her family. According to people close to the family, Mellencamp often visits and spends time with Victoria and their grandchildren. The same source, Facebook, told us that in 2018, Granucci worked at Reiley’s North End Pub, but we’re not sure in what capacity.

Unlike her ex-husband, Granucci didn’t get into other relationships following their split. At least none that we know of. There are no public records of her getting remarried, and if she did, she did it with utmost privacy. There is even no evidence of romantic relationships that weren’t even serious. It would seem that her days of public exposure ended with her marriage with Mellencamp. It is a fun fact that she appeared in his music video for a song called Jack & Diane.

Victoria Granucci Net Worth


While we were working on this article, much interesting information regarding the former model and actress Granucci came to light, but many remained hidden. John Mellencamp’s former wife kept many things to herself, which was no different regarding her earnings.

Most of her acting and modeling was done in the 80s and was tightly connected to her husband. While Mellencamp is a rich person, we can’t say the same about his ex-wife. The Crumblin’ Down singer sold more than 40 million albums across the world during his long career. Not to mention that held numerous concerts in front of live crowds. All of this amassed him approximately $25 million.

Of course, Granucci received some of his money after divorce. We can’t tell how much, but it’s not anywhere close to the sum Mellencamp has. The reason is simple; he wasn’t this rich back in the 80s. After the divorce, Victoria took care of the children, and she had John’s financial help.

So, what’s precisely Victoria Granucci’s net worth? We can’t tell with certainty, as she wasn’t too public regarding her income. After her divorce from Mellencamp, she stayed away from the entertainment business. This means that her salary was lower compared to her ex-husband. In recent years she even worked at a bar, where is claimed she earned around $30 thousand a year.

Because of her rich ex, but low current income, Victoria is not poor by any means, but she’s nowhere as rich as one would think. It is estimated that her current net worth is close to $1 million.


It wasn’t easy compiling this report on Victoria Granucci. As someone who hasn’t remarried despite getting a divorce at age 31, it’s easy to tell that she loves to be left alone. After the divorce with John Mellencamp, she disappeared entirely from the map, so to speak. So, we hope that we at least gave you a little glimpse into the life of former actress and model. Now, which you couldn’t say you knew before, you know something about Granucci’s personal life, relationships, family, and income.

Now, we can’t say we’re wholly satisfied with what we dug up about Victoria, so we’ll keep grinding to find even more. As we do, this article will be updated with fresh information. This is the reason to bookmark our website and stay tuned as we try to update our portfolio on Victoria Granucci.

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