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Want to Live Well? Follow This Advice

Who doesn’t like the idea of living a longer, happier life? However, it can be difficult to pinpoint the factors that deliver those worthwhile goals. Most would cite daily stress as something they’d like to eliminate or minimize. Others focus on living in a home that’s both comfortable and safe. For many hard-working adults, there’s joy in enjoying outdoor exercise. It’s something about the fresh air, sunlight, wind, and natural elements that can turn an ordinary workout into a much more stimulating one.

When it comes to reducing stress, regular meditation can help people of all ages get deep, rejuvenating relaxation when they need it most. Finally, one of the chief components of a long life is safety. Anyone who drives a car or rides a motorcycle understands how a simple thing like a seatbelt or helmet can make the difference between a long life and one that ends prematurely. The following suggestions could help you enjoy a life that’s not just safe but also offers a quality of existence that makes you glad to be alive.

Install a Home Lift


Those who choose to avoid using long staircases for fear of falling have several options. There are one-story homes that mean never having to negotiate a flight of steps under any conditions. Likewise, homeowners who already reside in places where there are lots of staircases can install a home lift to beat the odds and avoid falling. Companies like Lifton offer plenty of options to those who like the idea of having a classy, safe, secure home lift at their beck and call.

Reap the Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment

The beauty of outdoor fitness equipment includes the open-air aspect as well as ease of use and the fact that there are no expenses involved. For those who have exercised outdoors, there’s a unique advantage to breathing clean, fresh air while toning up the muscles. Companies like FreshAirFitness specialize in building outdoor gym arrangements in parks, on private property, and anywhere people gather to get fit.

Become a Regular Meditator


Short, daily meditation sessions can be an easy, relaxing way to banish some of the stress everyone encounters as they go through life. Though a common element of many religious practices, meditation can be nothing more than a fixed time to sit very quietly and let the mind and body slow down. Many who try regular sittings discover that they’re calmer throughout the day and can fall asleep more easily in the evening.

Practice Driving Safety

Why let a vehicle accident cut life short, especially in a world where drivers can take advantage of things like seatbelts, helmets, airbags, child safety seats, and defensive driving classes? One way to add even more statistical power to your side of the equation is to never drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It’s also smart to avoid distractions of all kinds while behind the wheel of a car. That includes phones, entertainment videos, text messaging, eating, and anything else that takes your full attention away from the road.

Spend Some Time Unplugged


To suggest that you totally go off the grid is most likely not feasible, or even desirable, however in today’s highly digital world, spending some part of everyday intentionally unplugged from technology can greatly increase your quality of life. Screen time is something that can reprogram our brains and so we need to make a conscious effort to combat that if we want our minds to be able to reset themselves. Some find that having a discipline about unplugging an hour before bed every night not only helps them reduce screen time and brain stimulation but also improves their quality of sleep. If that is not something that seems realistic, consider a goal of X number of minutes each day that you will remove yourself from technology and then take that time as your schedule allows. Even as little as 30-minute intervals will make a difference and this habit can also be used in tandem with the previous suggestion of becoming a regular meditator.

Practice Self-Care

We have already talked about how stress can negatively affect your wellbeing, but it is important to also make note of some of the root causes of stress. One major one is allowing yourself and your needs to fall off your proverbial to do list. As an adult you likely have obligations, work, kids, home, etc. which are all things that you really cannot afford to push to the side. However, they are also all things that will suffer if you push yourself to the side in order to accomplish them. People throw the term self-care around so frequently it can begin to feel like a cliché; however, this term is quite broad and will look different for everyone.

A few examples of common ways to practice self-care are, having boundaries at work, reading a book to yourself, lighting candles in your home and watching a movie, and exercising for thirty minutes each day. As you can tell, there is no template for what does and does not constitute a self-care practice and personalizing your habits is a great way to have them make a positive impact. When you create these rituals, you give yourself something to look forward to that will allow you to find the motivation and energy to power through some of life’s stressful moments.

Choose Your Circle Carefully


The people that you surround yourself with directly influence your state of mind, stress levels, and overall happiness. While you cannot pick connections like family or co-workers, what you can pick is how much access you give them. It can be difficult to have boundaries with toxic people when they are relatives or people you have to work with, but it is important that you try. Choose to surround yourself with people who bask in your glow instead of trying to distinguish your flame. If someone is bringing out the worst in you, it might be time to reevaluate their role in your day-to-day life.

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