What Cars Are In Vogue This Season?

Automobiles are more than just tools of conveyance; they are also an extension of our personal aesthetic. Not everyone can afford to express themselves through their vehicles, but those that can know that cars are like fashion. What was hot last year may be a faux pas now. New cars come and go, each bringing with them a unique style that can cement them as a brand icon, like the modern iteration of the Volkswagen Beetle seen here, or others that will live on in infamy, like the Chevy SSR. Just some of the other cars that have gone down in history as iconic nameplates or cautionary tales include:

  • Subaru Brat
  • Marcos Mantis M70
  • Aston-Martin Lagonda
  • Alfa-Romeo SZ
  • Jaguar XKSS
  • Porsche 904 GTS
  • Alpine Renault
  • Ford GT

So, moving further into 2024, it stands to reason that trendsetters are getting behind the wheels of the most gorgeous, or sometimes the most peculiar, cars currently on the market in the USA. With that in mind, here are just some vehicles you will most likely see exploding on gearhead and celebrity Instagrams this year.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

It has been a while since Alfa Romeo really made a splash in the US, since it has been hounded by reliability issues, but there is no denying the Italian automaker still knows how to design a great looking car. The latest generation of Giulia Quadrifoglio is a perfect example. Though classified as a sport sedan, it serves more as a daily driver with a bit of fizz.

Instead of being overly flashy, it wears the trademark AR grille alongside sleek headlights and a high-sitting front bumper. The roof slopes down in almost coupe-like design to a rear end that hosts a high trunk lid and dual exhausts at the bottom.

Inside, it’s just as attractive, but the choice of materials is a bit surprising considering the premium MSRP. It also isn’t worth it upgrading past the base model, since the options don’t add much for the extra price.

Maserati MC20

Sports cars are designed to do two things: go really fast and look good doing so. The MC20 handily achieves both goals. The Italian automaker has been rather quiet of late, so the arrival of its first supercar in a decade is more than welcome, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Otherwise sharp lines are smoothed over masterfully to create a gorgeous, sleek speedster. Alongside a potent twin-turbo V6 engine, this empowers the Maserati with excellent aerodynamics and speed.

If you really want to stand out, opting for the blacked-out roof on a colored body is a worthwhile option, and the blue-painted brake calipers add a sense of mystique. The MC20 definitely looks better leaving than coming, since the rear end has a lot more going on than the front, but it may look best parked on the curb with the doors raised up, inviting you to take this beauty for a ride.

Genesis G80


While high-powered sports cars may be catching many an eye with their glitz and glamor, there are a few vehicles that take a more somber approach. The new luxury wing of Hyundai has produced a few executive sedans that slot into this category. However, the flagship G80 is unmistakably at the forefront.

Designed to take on the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, it had to pull out all the stops, and it doesn’t disappoint. A large, bold grille brings up the front, while the old-school square headlights look quite good on this gentleman.

It is an understated beauty that will make you look twice rather than immediately draw your attention. But, once it has it, it won’t soon let go. Of course, it has the power to back up its good looks, and luxury is not something left wanting.

Lexus LC

Another luxury brand from the East, the LC comes to us from the premium division of Toyota. The more affordable brand has earned a reputation for reliable and high value-for-money cars within the States, and its more exclusive products are carrying on that example.

With 471 horsepower on tap, the sports coupe is more than able to keep up with some of its racier competitors, though its naturally aspirated engine needs a little more coaxing in comparison to the turbos you’ll find elsewhere. But speed isn’t all this machine has to offer.

It is alluring from the get-go, with a broad and aggressive front fascia, while the semi-floating roof just oozes style. This can be traded out of a carbon fiber-reinforced variant or removed completely if you opt for the convertible option. Rounding out the exterior are large air intakes under the triple-projector LEDs, bold side lines between the large wheels, and a pair of integrated exhaust outlets nestled within the large, yet shapely rear.

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