What Is BEMER Therapy Used For

Chronic pain, fatigue, emotional distress are all quite common issues. However, doctors often fail to help in these conditions, as they fail to identify the cause of these conditions. Instead, doctors name a diagnosis and then treat it with a pill, an approach that does not work in many conditions- especially if the cause of the underlying condition is less than clear.

BEMER therapy may be especially good for functional disorders

Doctors find it challenging to treat many disorders because they belong to a group called functional disorders. These are conditions when a person has many signs and symptoms. However, doctors cannot detect the cause of these disorders.

Here it is also vital to understand that diagnosis does not necessarily mean that doctors know the cause of disease and thus challenges in the treatment.

People living with functional disorders like difficult to explain fatigue, lack of energy, slow metabolism, unexplained body aches, sleep issues often turn to traditional medicine. Regretfully, people are not aware that some clinically proven devices may work quite efficiently in such conditions, like BEMER therapy.

Understanding BEMER therapy

BEMER therapy is a device that uses electromagnetic pulses to manage numerous health conditions.

The use of the electromagnetic field to manage various chronic and difficult to treat conditions became popular in the 1960s. However, despite many studies in those periods, electromagnetic field therapy lost its glory due to the boom in the pharma industry.

Fortunately, people are now re-exploring these interventions, as they understand that they are effective and safer than using medical drugs.

There are many types of electromagnetic therapies, and among them, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is the most popular. However, many people do not realize that there is much more to electromagnetic treatment.

It is pretty much like pills that use various substances to treat different disorders. Similarly, using different frequencies, pulses, power can result in different effects. Thus, there are many different electromagnetic therapies with quite different effects on the body.

One such unique electromagnetic therapy is BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) signals. These waves of specific frequency and energy are especially good at improving microcirculation.

BEMER was developed by J. Klopp, who used a specific understanding of mathematics to create magnetic wave pattern that is especially good at stimulating the working of small blood vessels and capillaries. Thus, BEMER can change small blood vessels’ vasomotion and improve capillary, arteriolar, and venular blood flow.

BEMER may help open up some closed or dysfunctional small blood vessels. These changes in microcirculation have been visualized using modern imaging methods and even using some histological techniques. Thus, it is one of the proven technologies with unique properties.

It uses the magnetic induction power of 100–150 μT. This is about twice to thrice greater than the earth’s magnetic field in Central Europe. Although, thus, it is more potent than the earth’s magnetic field, nonetheless, this power is too small to pose any potential health risk.

Generally, applying BEMER for about 20 minutes a day for 3-4 weeks may show considerable benefit in various health conditions. Needless to say, it works only on regular and prolonged use. After all, it uses low-energy electromagnetic pulses to ensure that they are entirely safe. Nonetheless, these pulses are strong enough to transmit energy to vascular walls, cause minute vibration in them, and thus boost the blood supply to various body regions.

Some possible uses of BEMER therapy


BEMER is a class one medical device, which means that it is non-invasive and highly safe. It is vital to know that even compression stockings are in this category to understand what it means. This says a lot about how safe the therapy is.

Some of the conditions in which BEMER therapy may be pretty good are:

  • Feeling low energy levels – it boosts energy levels by increasing blood flow in various body parts
  • Inadequate sleep – improvement in sluggish blood flow may ultimately reduce stress on the body, normalize circadian rhythm, and help improve sleep quality
  • Helps in chronic fatigue syndrome is now among the most common and frequently diagnosed conditions, and doctors know very little about managing it. It appears that slowdown in microcirculation and some changes in the brain are the cause of the condition
  • Musculoskeletal pain- it may be especially good for chronic body aches caused by low degree general inflammation, or body pains secondary to some chronic ailment
  • Promotes wound healing- quite like PEMF, BEMER therapy also promotes wound healing. However, it works differently as most of its effects seems to be related to improved microcirculation

It is vital to understand that BEMER therapy primarily affects small blood vessels and has less impact on larger blood vessels. Almost 80% of blood vessels are either small or even micro blood vessels in the human body. This explains its much broader health benefits. After all, slow down of circulation occurs in these micro-blood vessels, not in the larger blood vessels.

The good thing about BEMER therapy is that it is safe for all age groups and both genders. It is safe for older adults. One can safely use it even when living with some chronic ailments. It is also safe for those who have cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it may be especially useful in conditions like diabetes, which are characterized by vasculopathy.

To conclude, BEMER is a kind of pulsed electromagnetic therapy. However, it is a unique kind of PEMF that sends electromagnetic waves in a highly specific pattern, thus targeting small blood vessels. However, the energy of these electromagnetic waves is relatively low, and therefore any possibility of side effects is wholly excluded.

If you want to learn more about BEMER therapy or how to choose the right, visit the Healthylineoutlet.

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