What is Ecstatic Dance And 3 Reasons You Should Try It – 2024 Guide

Ecstatic dance is a fun dance that can help you boost your energy while working on your spiritual side too. It originated from meditation and yoga, but we could say it is much more free spirit in comparison to them. You can move your body the way you feel like, without following any strict rules. Many people around the world use ecstatic dance as a great way to relax their minds and energize their bodies. Ecstatic dance exists for thousands of years already, and it can help improve your health while enjoying captivating movements. Today we’re going to discuss in detail what is ecstatic dance and why you should try it.

Ecstatic dance first appeared in the United States and Hawaii. It is closely related to different spiritual techniques, such as meditation. The main difference is that ecstatic dance isn’t structured and doesn’t require you to follow assigned steps. Instead, it is based on motivating people to express themselves through music. There are no instructors or any specific rules.

All you need to do is to experience the music your way and let your body dance to it the way it wants. Also, you don’t need any previous experience or a partner to dance with. It should be inspiring, stress-relieving, and making you feel better straight away. In ecstatic dance, everything should be as spontaneous as possible, without any forced movements and mental effort. The last thing you should do is think about how does your dance look like, and if you look silly. If so, you won’t be able to enjoy its benefits.

Ecstatic dance can help you feel more connected to yourself and others

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Ecstatic dance can suit both people that consider themselves as untalented and the professional who just want to give themselves vent. Maybe you tried going on dance lessons and felt embarrassed because you couldn’t follow the rhythm. In every other dance, there is always the need to try to make the right moves. In ecstatic dance, there is no right and wrong. The point is for you to feel comfortable and move as you wish, without any obligations. You can wear shoes or dance barefoot.

You can dance alone or in presence of others. It is slightly more recommended to share the space with other people and try connecting with them, besides connecting with your inner-self. While dancing, you should try to be present at the moment as much as you can and achieve mind, body, and soul connection. It can help you develop a sense of belonging and feeling that you’re a part of something much bigger. After getting involved, you’ll understand how great it is to be in a room full of people ready to work on themselves and do what’s best for their mind and body. If you’re interested, you can even organize these events and get together people with the same interests.

There is an option to attend a live online individual training which can be helpful for everyone who wishes to host, facilitate, and DJ Ecstatic dance. For more information visit

It has many health benefits

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It has shown that ecstatic dance can improve your physical health in many aspects. For example, by dancing you can improve your mobility, coordination, and cardiovascular health. Regular activity helps to control your body mass and prevent you from becoming obese. Obesity leads to numerous chronic diseases, which you can prevent by working out. Besides, ecstatic dance can positively affect your cognitive abilities, such as learning and memorizing new information.

As with any other physical activity, after a good dancing session, your body releases endorphins. This makes you feel happy, energized, and more enthusiastic. Ecstatic dance makes you also relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and eliminate bad mood and nervousness. Besides, it can make you calmer, more thoughtful, and satisfied with your life in general.

For all this, it is vital to do it properly. Not in a sense that you should follow the steps, but to follow your heart and overall good feeling. Only then you’ll be able to see the real benefits of this dance. As you can see, ecstatic dance can impact your health holistically and improve it in many different ways. And all of that while you’re enjoying good music and having fun. It doesn’t get any better!

Ecstatic dance can positively affect your emotional state

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If there are some emotions that you keep to yourself and don’t let them go out dancing can be the solution. Through dance, you can learn how to express precipitated emotions and find your freedom. It is crucial to feel the whole spectrum of emotions, even those we consider as bad ones. Only a person who knows how to deal with every emotion is emotionally healthy.

But if you suppress feelings for too long they start to choke you, and that can even lead to somatic problems. Ecstatic dancing makes you feel present at the moment, without any thoughts and worries about what might happen.

Also, being surrounded by people who feel similar can help you feel more understood and be able to cut you some slack. The dance can stimulate you to confront your deep emotions, and find a way to let them go.

For many people, this can be very hard, but it is one of the least painful ways to deal with that. Also, if you’re not so good at meditation, this can be a great alternative. A part of the ecstatic dance session is also saying words that describe how you felt throughout the experience. Very common words are happiness, gratitude, relief, and many others. Dancing just a few times a week can remove the emotional burden you have been carrying for years.


Ecstatic dancing is a form of spiritual dance that helps you reach the balance between mind, body, and soul. It doesn’t require following any specific steps or rules. You just need to relax, feel the rhythm, and let your body express itself while enjoying music. Ecstatic dancing can be a fun yet effective workout that will improve your health and help you achieve an overall good feeling. It can also help you eliminate bad emotions and find inner peace while connecting to other people and yourself.

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