What is Numerology

Have you ever felt in your life that there is a divine grace raining in your successes? Or, in the worst case, blocking your way to the top? This is even if you work hard. Maybe it is Numerology doing its thing. But what is Numerology? And how does it work in your life?

In this section, you are lucky enough to have the summarized version of its definition. We know that is broad and very hard to comprehend in a grasp. And here we are, making life simpler for you. So, if you are ready to know it, then let’s roll it!

The meaning of Numerology


According to, Numerology is a relationship between numbers and a coincidental scenario in your life. This relationship is divine and mystic, making it have that out-of-this-world explanation. Numerology is based on accomplishing the root number. This is by reducing the digits to a single digit, except the numbers 11,22 and 33. These three numbers are the Master Numbers. The single reduced digit is your unique Life Path Number.

To get your Life Path Number, you have to calculate it using your birthday. For example, you are born on the first day of the first month of this year. Then that will be 2024, January 01 (20210101). Continue to add these figures until you come up with a singular digit. In this case, we ended at 7.

What is a Life Path Number

As we have discussed earlier, you can have your Life Path Number by deducing the total number of the sum of your birthday. But what is the Life Path number? It is the same as your astrological sign, like Capricorn or Gemini, as an example.

This reveals your reason in life, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Also, it will show your special abilities and goals in life. It may also indicate the tone of your experiences and why happenings occur. Whether in your past, present, or future. There will be some instances that it may not be identical to your past life, but it will be the same experience. And so it will be in your future.

The Master Numbers


The rule in getting your Life Path Number is to get a single-digit out of its summation. But if you end up with 11, 22, or 33, these are what you call a Master Number. These Master numbers suggest a higher degree of achievement, learning, and success. On the other hand, they may also experience more stressful or challenging events in their life.

Number Interpretations

We know that in the middle of this article, you have already computed your Life Path Number. But what is the meaning of that number? What does it say about you? Don’t worry! We got you! Here, we are going to unravel the interpretations of each number. Let us roll it,


Number One (1)

As the first number in the order, those who have this life path number love to initiate. This is just like the astrological sign Aries. Those under this Life Path Number are independent, have fantastic leadership skills, and have a pioneering spirit.

These are the good sides. On a bad day, they can be bossy and boastful. You will notice how they will manifest over-developed self-importance. That this might get into your nerves if you don’t know them personally.

They can be the remotest person in the room, so as their friend, better cheer them up and stay by their side if you can.

Number Two (2)

Those who are under this figure are sensitive, love balance, and promote harmony in their surroundings. They are often the mediator among heated arguments. This is for the reason that they love to keep everyone intact through compassion, empathy, and kindness.

The moment they feel low, they will feel underappreciated. They often seek their value from others. And when not given the proper treatment from friends or their surroundings might end up in a little bit of sadness. Just let them feel that what they have is always enough and valued.

Number Three (3)

This is a combination of the first two Life Path Numbers. The one thing that is very crucial for people who have this digit is communication. They are also those who are gifted with the talent of art. In addition, they love to express themselves through art, writing, or oration.

In addition, they have this magnificent talent of making other people smile. They like a ball of joy when they walk inside a group of people. The wrong side of them is they tend to be moody, and they feel misunderstood. They are also known to be escapists. Just let them reset and recharge themselves, and they will be okay.

Number Four (4)

They are the ones very much attached to the real world. They have this feeling of the need to invest in hard buildings to leave as their legacy. They are very hardworking and determined about their goals. They can be stubborn at times.

Number Five (5)

They have the spirit that hungers for freedom. They are free-thinking, adventurous, and free-willed. They are playful, and they have vibrant energy. Given this, they can be very restless or agitated. They also have this difficulty accepting day-to-day appointments. But soon enough, they will also know on their own that what their heart is yearning for is just in their parameters.

Number Six (6)

They are the protective and caring type. They tend to communicate with kids and animals very well. But there are times that they will be over caring and overprotective. There will be an instance that their surroundings might feel that their care suffocates them. They must learn to lessen the burden on their shoulders by trusting others to help them.

Number Seven (7)

Now here comes the detail-oriented people. They have extraordinary abilities to investigate and analytical skills. Their downside is that they lead to be perfectionists. They need to accept that flaws are a way to make the world a beautiful balance.

Number Eight (8)

Now people who have this Life Path Number are the success magnate. They can quickly achieve their goals by their aura. However, after all the blessings that they earn, they fail to give back to the community. But they will also realize its importance as time passes by and through the help of a special someone.

Number Nine (9)

They are the ones with an old soul. They are also not afraid to change and are teachable as well. They also need to think that it is important to focus on the real tangible world rather than their fantastic imagination.

Master Number 11

They are related with recognition, spiritual enlightenment and philosophical harmony.

Master Number 22

They are also known as Master Builders. They love making platforms in the tangible world that transcend fast truths— by combining or interjecting the tangible and intangible, Master Number 22 cultivates a dynamic long lasting legacy.


After reading what Numerology is, we know that you are questioning if it matches your personal aspects in life. And so are the happenings in your life. Whether it fits or not, remember that this is a guide to a happy life.

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