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What is Tai Lopez Net Worth 2024

Tai Lopez is a social media personality, entrepreneur, and investor. He pushes the mantra of living a ‘good life’ which incorporates specific codes of conduct in daily living. Born in 1977, 11th April, in Long Beach, California, he did not get an opportunity to grow up with his father in his life. He credits his upbringing to his mother and grandmother because his father was in prison during his childhood years.

According to him, his entrepreneurial spirit started at age 6, by helping his mother sell cherry tomatoes. He quickly moved on to selling lemonade because he realized he could make more money that way. Here you can find more information on Tai Lopez.

What Is His Net Worth

As at 2019, industry figures estimate that Taino Adrian Lopez or Tai Lopez is worth a staggering 60 million US Dollars. It is worth noting the figures are just estimates, as he does not reveal much about his wealth. While others put him at $5 million, others say Tai could be worth up to 10 times that conservative amount. In some of his webinars, he claims to make between $3 – $5 million annually; jokingly saying that if he were to make that amount in a month, he would have a heart attack.

A good indicator of his wealth could be the Hollywood mansion within which he currently resides. If he were to sell the house, he would probably get as much as $44 million for it. Unless someone was to give us unfettered access to his books and bank account details, we will never really know what he’s worth.

How Does He Make His Money

As stated above, Tai Lopez has made money from a very early age. What drives his business thought is responding to demand. He welcomes risks, and also places a lot of emphasis on learning. His love for books came from his grandfather, and one of the books that have had a lasting impact on his life is Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. To have a successful life, you need to have the right balance of health, love, wealth, and happiness.

His grandfather also taught him the value of finding mentors because you cannot get all the answers from just one person. Tai reads at least one book a day; because of his thirst for knowledge. He is also an avid world traveler and has been to 51 countries including India, where he volunteered his services to a leper community.

He has an online training program known as the ‘67 steps’ which has given him a boost on the social platforms. You have to pay to access the training. His social media following is staggering, he is very active on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where he has six million, 3 million, and 1.3 million followers, respectively.

Final Thoughts

We have only given you a glimpse into this enigma known as Tai Lopez. He is quite fascinating, and you can learn a lot from him.

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