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With 7 seasons under their belt VH1 has capitalized greatly off the drama of up and coming and “has been” music artist. The network can thank Yandy Smith who was one of the first cast members. Over the years she’s let viewers into her home and we’ve watched the rise and downfall of her relationship with Mendeecees.

Along with that has been the drama surrounding Mendeecees other baby mamas. So it was no surprise Mona Scott would offer a handsome salary to film Erika Deshazo and Samantha Wallace this season. According to her contract Erika earns $15,000 per episode along with a Reunion filming fee of $35,000.


Last Summer Erika Deshazo signed on to the venerable series to introduce herself and tell her side of the story. For years the mother of Aasim Harris, has had to sit and watch Yandy drag her on national television without a defense. But now Deshazo has utlized her chance to let it be clear that she is a good mother. Unfortunately it looks like she might have rattled her baby father’s feathers.

Mendeecee, who is currently serving a sentence for drug trafficking, has stated that he watched the series and doesn’t like the way things are going down with Erika and his “wife” Yandy Smith. Mendeecee contacted the ShadeRoom and spoke about how he didn’t like how Erika and Samantha were defaming his relationship with Yandy and causing the drama between his children. He also told the news site he was seeking vengeance on Erika and Samantha when he gets out.

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