Brief Guide to Women’s Underwear – Anatomy and Common Doubts Answered in 2024

Underpants, which are colloquially referred to as ‘panties,’ were introduced during the Renaissance period. Its primary purpose was functionality. It protected women from cold weather and hid their bare thighs when they accidentally slip off the horse. However, back then, it was considered immodest wearing panties as people felt panties drew more attention to the vagina.

Fast-forwarding to the Victorian era, women started wearing drawers. During 1960 matching briefs and panties were in trend, and several panty models began appearing. By the early 1990’s thongs came into the picture and spiked up the fashion quotient. Currently, there are several fashionable and sexy underwear models available. Check out the anatomy of panties.

Anatomy of panties:

  • Front coverage:

It is the fabric at the front part of the panty which covers the groin area. The different fabric materials used include cotton, latex, nylon, silk, mesh etc.

  • Back coverage:

It is the fabric that covers the booty. The level of coverage ranges from minimal to full coverage based on the panty model – thongs offer very less coverage while bikini offers half-coverage while brief and boyshorts offer a great deal of coverage. The material used for back coverage is generally the same as the one used in the front.

  • Waist band:

As the name suggests, this is the portion of the panty that rests on the hips. The waist band is incorporated with an elastic (covered with cotton or satin for comfort) to stay securely in place. Other than boyshorts and granny panties, all models have a thin waistband.

  • Side wings:

The side portion of panties is referred to as side wings. It is made of the same fabric used in front coverage and gives proper shape to the panty apart from providing support in the inner thighs area. Thongs don’t come with side wings.

  • Leg opening:

These are the two holes where you insert your legs. They are carefully made of soft material to avoid friction.

  • Crotch:

It is the portion that is close to the genital region and generally made of cotton for hygienic reasons.

Panties every woman must own:

  • Briefs:


Also referred to as granny panties, these offer a great deal of coverage in the front and back and come with a high waistband. Its nickname may be off-putting for the younger generation, but this one is super-comfortable and ideal to be used on your day days and when you are relaxing at home.

  • Thongs:


Thongs is the sexiest underwear in the market and is the most sought-after model currently. Though they aren’t too comfortable to wear in all circumstances, you get to say goodbye to visible panty lines with thongs. It is narrow and accentuates the hip cleavage.

  • Boy shorts:


It is a feminine version of boxers worn by men. Unlike other panty models, they are longer and extend below your hip and offer full coverage to your booty. They are breathable and can be used every day if you are comfortable with it or when lounging in your home in a leisurely way.

  • Seamless:


It lies flat against your skin, comfortable to wear, and avoids the embarrassment of visible panty lines. The low-rise ones are totally discreet and make them ideal for any kind of attire.

When looking for underwear, look for quality and comfort. Find a durable one that doesn’t cut through your skin; if you are on the lookout for soft, sexy underwear, visit They are a women’s underwear company featuring the highest-quality sexy, cute underwear at nominal prices; cheaper than your morning latte!

Common underwear doubts:

When it comes to underwear, many of us feel shy to voice out our doubts. You may not be aware of other comfortable options at your disposal if you don’t ask questions. Here are the answers to common doubts women have about underwear:

Is it ok to wear the same underwear on the second day without washing?

Yes – depending on certain conditions. Ideally, it is good practice to wash your underwear every day, but it is also okay to wear the same pair two days in a row as long as there aren’t visible stains of your bodily fluids in it. Avoid repeating the underwear if you have rashes to avoid worsening of the infection.

Does my choice of underwear fabric make a difference?

Yes – Cotton underwear is generally recommended for everyday use. They are breathable, absorb moisture and, in turn, keep infections at bay. When indulging in physical activities like athletics or workout, wear polyester or polyester-blend fabric that wicks away moisture and change it immediately after the activity.

Is it okay to workout in thongs?

If you are susceptible to frequent vaginal infections, it is better to avoid thongs during a workout. Increased physical activity tends to trap moisture and increases the risk of infection.

Is it important for my health to go commando once in a while?

Doctors recommend sleeping without your underwear at night to promote more airflow. Avoid going commando during the day since your pants would rub against your vulva, causing skin irritation.

Is there an expiration date for panties?

There could be few pairs of underwear we don’t have the heart to part ways with. However, it is time to toss it away if the elastic has given away, if the waistband is leaving marks on your skin, there are holes, or if you have been using it for over ten months or a year.

How do I wash the delicate pairs?

The regular cotton panties are machine-washable while delicate pairs like satin, lacy ones need extra attention. You should hand-wash them using hypoallergenic powder.

Underwear is a piece of clothing worn closest to your skin, which makes it all the more important to take your time finding the right pair. Wear a fresh pair always for hygienic reasons.

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