6 Self-Taught Musicians Who Became Top-World Celebrities in 2024

Music is something that every person can relate to. Many young kids dream of becoming world known rock stars when they grow up, but some are not sure that they will be able to pull off that hard professional training.

Guess what, sometimes you do not have to! When it comes down to being a musician, all you really need to have is the passion towards your craft. Sometimes, it is enough to make your music website or start actively using YouTube to claim about yourself to the world. So today, we present you a list of six musicians, who, even though have been self-taught, managed to reach the top of the musical industry.

1. Patrick Stump

Years ago, Patrick and a few of his friends decided to form a band. At that time, he was supposed to be the drummer but other members decided that he should play guitar and sing. As time went by, these four kids became a Grammy nominated band known as Fall Out Boy. Being its lead singer, Patrick did not just master his vocals but also became a professional guitarist. All self-taught, we must mention.

2. Adam Lambert

This guy loved to perform ever since he was a kid. Whenever there was a theatrical play at his school’s theater – he was in it. Because of his phenomenal voice, he often got the lead parts. When he turned 27, Adam decided to try himself on a bigger stage and auditioned for American Idol. He did not win, however that was a start of his brilliant career. Now, he is a world-known solo performer that has even collaborated several times with Queen as the lead singer.

3. Chris Martin

Lead singer of Coldplay never actually bothered to learn how to read music sheets. Even though his mother was a music teacher, he preferred to just feel the music rather than to study it. We think that the result is pretty amazing – Coldplay is one of the most popular bands nowadays, even though these guys have been on a stage for quite a while already. If you want to play Coldplay songs on piano check out

4. Eminem

Now, everyone knows him as “Rap God”, but it has not always been this way. Basically, Marshall (it is his real name) did not get any higher education at all. After school, he decided to dedicate himself to mastering his rapping skills. He spent hours simply reading the dictionary. As you can see now, his determination paid off. Now, Eminem is considered to be one of the best rappers ever.

5. Brian May

Even if you are not the biggest Queen fan, you have probably heard of this guy. One of the most prominent guitar players of our generation, Brian is completely self-taught. Moreover, when he first got into music, he was completing his science degree. Another great trivia about him is that his guitar, Red Special, was made by him and his father. Now, this instrument’s replicas are being sold all over the world. By the way, Brian, despite his age, still performs as a member of Queen.

6. Iwan Rheon

Most people might know him from the TV-show Game of Thrones. He is an amazing actor, there is no doubt about that. But did you know that Iwan is also a singer and songwriter? His debut album “Dinard” was released back in 2015 and got immediately praised by all critics.


As you see, there is no big deal if you do not have a proper musical training but want to become a superstar. There is always a chance for anyone to become a great performer. It is more important that you have passion for what you do – this is what can help you move mountains.

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