Aaron Alexis

34 year old Aaron Aaron Alexis is the suspected gunman in the D.C. Navy Yard massacre. At least 12 people were killed at a secure military facility Monday morning September 16th 2013. It was originally reported that investigators saw two other armed gunmen on surveillance cameras at the facility. After Aaron Alexis was confirmed dead it was suspected the other two gunmen had fled. The city of Washington D.C. was put on lock down. Three shots rang out in the hallways of the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters. Employees and visitors were in an immediate state of confusion until four more gunshots were fired leaving everyone confused as to which way to run. Hundreds of workers in the Navy complex were forced to hide in their offices or flee for safety. The horrific scene was all too familiar with mass murders happening too often in America.

A civilian contractor and military veteran with a valid base entry pass went on a shooting rampage at a U.S. Navy command complex building Monday, killing 12 people before being shot dead himself, authorities said.

The gunman Alexis was shot and killed by the police in response to the shootings. He was later identified as a contract from Fort Worth Texas. It was also confirmed that he had been in the armed services. He was Navy reservist on active duty before being discharged for misconduct. He was enlisted in the Navy in 2007 and rose to the rank of Aviation Electrician’s mate 3rd class. It is still no confirmed motive for the murders. The FBI are investigating to see who else may have possibly been involved or known he had been planning this.

The FBI said he was able to enter the highly guarded facility with a valid ID. The pass helped him get through security clearance. It was originally reported that he had a stolen badge but later the FBI confirmed he had access because he was currently working there as a civilian contractor. Once he entered the facilities he began shooting on the third and fourth floors. The victims were all between 46-73 years old. Aaron Alexis was armed with an AR-15, a shotgun and a handgun. He purchased the weapons legally. Other than the now 13 confirmed dead at least 3 more officers were wounded by gunshots.

Aaron Alexis was arrested before after shooting the tires of a construction contractor he worked for. He told police he had a blackout after feeling mocked by the workers. His father told police he had anger related issues from PTSD.

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