Good News 2024: Positive Events amid the Pandemic

Yes, the year 2024 was devastating for all of us, someway, someday. The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in a deluge of negative news spurring fear, frustration and a slew of unpleasant realities – economic disruption, racial homicides, wildfires, plummeting oil prices, and a historic stock market meltdown.

But life goes on. And here we are, already living through the first half of 2024. And even though the pandemic is still there, so many good things have been happening around the world to restore our faith in optimism. From the release of COVID-19 Vaccine, Tokyo 2024, important inventions to VulkanVegas Casino releasing fresh new promotional bonuses. Here are some good news and positive events that happened in 2024.

The Development of COVID-19 Vaccine


The world doesn’t yet have a vaccine that eliminates Coronavirus by the roots. But the next best thing to cure is immunity! The wide supply of the COVID-19 Vaccine is the beginning of a safer future. With Pfizer – BioNTech, Moderna and more than half a dozen other variants available in the market, experts predict that it may take several months or years perhaps to conquer COVID and its many avatars. As most country governments have rolled out vaccination campaigns, not only making it available but crucial for every citizen to get jabbed, as well as new vaccination development is getting priority funding – it is a great start of good news.

The Tokyo 2024


The 2024 Summer Olympics, originally scheduled to happen between the dates 24 July and 9 August 2024, was one of the most important events in the world. However, due to COVID-19, the event was postponed, which finally got executed behind closed doors between 23 July and 8 August 2024. The Summer Paralympics are scheduled in the same manner, between 24 August and 5 September 2024. Despite the low-key approach of the Summer Olympics 2024 carried on with its grandeur, new competitions were introduced, including the 3×3 basketball, freestyle BMX and reintroduced Madison Cycling for both men and women. Plus, so many mixed-gender team events took place in several thrilling sports. The Japanese Olympic Committees brought new sports to the Olympics, surfing, sport climbing, skateboarding, and karate after the IOC decided to allow the host organizing committee to add new sports. The USA, China and Japan won the most number of medals.

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As more and more countries are embracing the perks of regulated online gambling, it is coming closer to people as a very secure and enjoyable way to play video games and win a monetary prize at the same time! With the land-based casinos facing persistent closure for the greater part of 2024 and 2024, most casinos have shifted their base to the virtual world. Globally operating iGaming sites that are offering customers great reasons to rejoice from exciting promotional offers to maximum returns, tournaments and prize pools amounting up to millions of dollars. Recently, the new no deposit bonus was launched for new customers that 50 Free Spins to customers. Such brands and extravagant promotional offers have pushed the global online gambling market to be at $64.13 billion in 2024, it is expected to cross $72.02 billion in 2024. So if you can be a part of it, you can be in a secure, fair and very enjoyable environment to try your luck!

Madrid Is Planning to Build Urban Forest to Combat Pollution


The Spanish capital city is about to build a green belt around the urban landscape to address climate change and pollution. A 75-kilometre urban forest will be grown by planting nearly half a million saplings and young plants across disused areas between buildings and roads. According to Mariano Fuentes, Councillor for the Environment and Urban Development, Madrid, this project is aimed at improving the air quality of Madrid and “To fight the heat island effect that is happening inside the city.” The concept of an urban forest is not new – many cities have them, such as the Tijuca National Park in Rio de Janeiro. But this one in Madrid is not going to be a National Park, but shall have more greener neighbourhoods, which is something unique.

Renewable Energy Sets Benchmark


If climate change is real, so is green energy! Even though fossil fuels continue to be the prime source of electricity in the world, renewable energy is just as well having its first steps towards the green revolution. Photovoltaics, wind energy and electric vehicles are prevalent globally. From the Middle East, South Africa, Spain and to European countries like Ireland, the UK and France – renewable energy is growing at a rapid pace. Recently, Spain achieved a milestone of 50% energy from renewable sources. It has become more of a household utility with increased availability and affordability.

It Is a New Day

Of all the good news, the best one is that this is not the end of the world. There are many instances and incidents that might have left us heartbroken and devastated. But life goes on! We still have a chance to make things right, to battle climate change, to be kind towards people, to stand up for the right causes. Moments of strife bring people together, unite us as human beings. We are in 2024, in the wake of green industrialisation, racial neutrality, globalization as well as localization. The world is changing. And the new normal is not all that bad, there’s some good to it too.

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