9 Best High-CBD Strains For Anxiety in 2024

Individuals who experience anxiety and large levels of stress often turn to marijuana and hemp-derived products in order to alleviate some of the symptoms they are feeling. However, not all CBD strains are equal, nor can they all assist you with the anxiety you are feeling, in fact, some of them can even worsen the symptoms you are feeling.

If you, unfortunately, suffer from anxiety, you might have started thinking about using high-CBD goods that could help. The text below is going to feature the most beneficial strains that could help with battling anxiety, as well as some things to consider before trying a particular substance. Let’s take a closer look:

1. ‘Harlequin’

CBD/THC Ratio: 5:2


The very first strain that is worth mentioning is Harlequin, especially since it is one of the most commonly bought and consumed CBD products for alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, as well as tension. It is mostly a Sativa, which is why it is capable of uplifting, with a slight euphoric effect. It is perfect for your daily tasks since it will produce a calming and mild effect.

2. ’Cannatonic’

CBD/THC Ratio: 2:1


Although you might think of ‘catatonic’ when you read the name of this strain, it is not sedating as you might have thought. In fact, people often say that it provides them with a wide range of benefits without the paranoia and nervousness that might be connected to consuming with THC.

3. ‘ACDC’

CBD/THC Ratio: 20:1


Yet another one that is an all-time favorite is ACDC. No, we are not talking about the famous rock band, in fact, we are talking about a strain that can help you with any panic attacks, anxiety, inflammation, stress, pain, as well as tension. It works in a soothing and gentle way while providing you with instant relief right away.

4. ‘Ringo’s Gift’

CBD/THC Ratio: 24:1


This particular one got its name after a cannabis activist and specialist Lawrence Ringo. It is a cross combination of the aforementioned ACDC and Harle-Tsu, with subtle and gentle impacts on the mind and body. If you are searching for something that is almost completely CBD, this particular one might be the best option for you.

5. ‘Stephen Hawking Kush’

CBD/THC Ratio: 5:1


You might want to consume something that does not have a drastic effect on you, instead, you might want something that is milder and soothing. If so, this indica is one of the most special flowers out there, especially since it offers calming and relaxing effects, while lifting your spirits at the same time.

6. ‘Elektra’

CBD/THC Ratio: 16:1


Although a lot of people do not like how it smells and tastes, they cannot deny that it has some of the best effects on the mind and body. Additionally, a lot of individuals claim that it does not have sedative effects, which means that you can carry on with your daily tasks even if you consume it.

7. ‘Pennywise’

CBD/THC Ratio: 1:1


Since the ratio is 1:1 it is considered one of the best strains for medicinal benefits. Although the name is associated with ‘IT’, this product won’t be out to get you, instead, it will help you with feeling relaxed, happy, as well as less stressful. It is both enjoyable and effective, which is why a lot of consumers choose this strain for battling anxiety.

8. ‘Haoma’

CBD/THC Ratio: 1:1


Yet another product that is considered good for its medicinal benefits is, Haoma. Keep in mind that you might experience a slight feeling of being ‘high’, however, it won’t last as long as it would if you smoked cannabis. Since it is an indica, it is perfect for those enduring anxiety and stress, as well as insomnia since it could help you fall asleep quickly and easily.

9. ‘Sour Space Candy’

CBD/THC Ratio: 17:1


This particular substance has high levels of CBD, which is why it is not only used for anxiety – but, it is also consumed for depression. It does have some sour notes – hence the name – but, a lot of people enjoy consuming it because it provides almost instant effects.

5 Things to Know Before Consuming High-CBD Strains

There are some things that you should know before consuming a strain that is high in CBD. These things will ensure that you have a good experience and that you use it properly. The things you should know include:

1. Start Low – by starting with a low dosage, your body can get used to the CBD. If you do not feel any effects, slightly increase the dose until you get to a point where you feel the soothing and relaxing effects.

2. See What Your Options Are – there is a wide range of online shops such MiamiRave that offer different CBD Strains, CBD Hemp Flowers, and CBD Buds, hence, ensure that you thoroughly investigate what you can purchase before opting for a specific strain.

3. There Are Other Products As Well – there are other CBD products that you can get, all of which will have similar effects. The products that you can purchase include oil, edibles such as gummy bears, as well as lotions.

4. You Might Not Want to Drive – if it is your first time trying such products, you should avoid driving for at least 5 hours after you consume it or until you stop feeling the effects.

5. Check if it is Legal – although CBD is getting legalized all over the world, there are some states and countries that prohibit it. Hence, you might actually want to check whether or not you can use it.


So, there you have it – these are some of the best high-CBD strains that you could choose to consume. Not only will these strains help you with alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, but, they could also help you with relaxing your body, battling insomnia, as well as reducing the aches and tension you might be feeling.

Now that you are aware of what you might want to choose to purchase, do not waste any of your time. Instead, you should start browsing online businesses in order to find the strain that will suit your needs, requirements, and more importantly, your budget as well.

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