6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaping Marijuana in 2024

Vaping and marijuana seem to be all the rage over the past few years. It seems like more and more people are using vape pens to inhale cannabis, CBD, and nicotine. Especially in younger people, it looks like vaping is gradually taking over the tobacco industry. Although we are still at the early days of research for experts to make their minds up what the long-term effects are on those vaping nicotine products, most vapors believe it is a healthier alternative to smoking traditional tobacco.

With vaping products still selling extremely well all over the world, the marijuana industry is also booming at the same time. Nowadays, there are plenty of countries changing their laws, many of which are legalizing or decriminalizing the sale and consumption of marijuana products. 11 states in America allow people to purchase cannabis products including weed, grow kits, seeds, etc. To find out more about purchasing seeds, visit https://amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com/marijuana-seeds.

Before we start, if you are new to vaping cannabis and you are wondering what exactly it is, well, vaping is simply another method of how a person can consume marijuana. The vape pen heats the weed, which comes in an oil form, and dried marijuana. The pen then creates a vapor which allows the user to inhale.

Advantage: Doesn’t Create Any Smoke and Very Little Smell

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Not everybody wants the world to know that they use cannabis. That’s why many people like to vape marijuana instead. If you smoke marijuana in a joint, expect large clouds of smoke, however, when you vape weed the pen doesn’t burn the marijuana so it doesn’t produce any smoke.

Not only will the smoke give away what you are doing when smoking a traditional joint, but the smell will also help you gain unwanted attention. Joints tend to leave a bad odor on your clothes, breath and if you’re smoking indoors, it can leave a very recognizable smell. Although most marijuana smokers enjoy the smell of weed, some nonsmokers detest the odor. When vaping cannabis on the other hand the device tends to give off a hardly noticeable and very slight smell. Even in public areas where using cannabis is allowed, most people still like to remain discreet.

Advantages: Convenient

Rolling a joint can cause all sorts of problems, especially when you are out in public. First of all, bringing all the equipment necessary is a problem in itself. Making sure you have rolling papers, a lighter or matches, etc. can cause a lot of headaches.

Vaping makes using cannabis a walk in the park. All you need to do in most vape pens is add the dried herb or cannabis oil into the device, press the button and away you go! Nights of your friend shining the light from their smart device while you sit on the floor trying to avoid dropping rolling papers are in the past when you purchase a vape pen.

Most vape pens are small, and they will easily fit in your pocket or handbag.

Advantages: You are in Control

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Although when smoking regular joints, you can decide the strength of the weed and the thickness of the rolling papers, however, you can go one step further when it comes to vaping cannabis.

The majority of decent vape pens on the market allow the user to easily adjust the heat settings. The person who vapes the cannabis is in complete control, allowing them to decide what suits their personal taste.

For marijuana lovers, wasting cannabis is a sin. Those who vape dried herbs often reuse the already vaped bud and add it to edibles or sometimes they make weed tea from it. Others like to keep it aside in case their marijuana runs out.

Disadvantages: Vape Pens can get Damaged Easily

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There is a wide range of cannabis vape pens on the market, so this doesn’t apply to each device, but those who frequently vape cannabis often complain that their devices get damaged easily. If the device falls on a hard surface the chances of it working after are slim. Although you might get away with dropping it once or twice, eventually they tend to break.

Some vape pens use glass or plastic tubes to hold the herb or the oil inside that are prone to cracking. Each model uses a specific tube, which is often very difficult to find. There are so many different vape pens available these days, very few traditional stores keep stock of these tubes unless it is a very popular model. Your only alternative is to buy it online, however, you will be forced to wait for your replacement. People often find maintaining their vaping device as a headache.

Although there are a lot of advantages to vaping marijuana, struggling to find bits and pieces to keep the device running smoothly can cause a lot of frustration. Some people find carrying around rolling papers and lighters with them frustrating, but they are readily available in most stores.

Disadvantage: They can Cost a Lot of Money

Most high-quality cannabis vape pens can cost a pretty penny. Cheaper models tend to be made of flimsy material and don’t tend to last very long. If you want a sturdy, reliable vape pen, expect to pay a small fortune.

Some vape pens are refillable, which means you’ll have to spend more money purchasing cannabis juice canisters for the device. Even for a middle of the range vaporizer, expect to pay approximately $100.

Also, when vaping cannabis, the best way you can put it in the weed is by grinding it first. So, if you don’t already own a grinder, you may have to look at purchasing one too.

Disadvantage: Charging

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Smartwatches, mobile phones, vape pens, etc. It seems like we spend most of our lives charging something nowadays. Most vape batteries don’t last very long, so having to constantly charge the device can be a nightmare.

Some vape pens have batteries built into the device, while others have replaceable batteries. Replaceable batteries allow you to keep spare batteries so if your device runs low, you can put in the spare ones. Be very careful with these batteries. If you notice any damage done to the battery, immediately dispose of it. This is the main reason why vape pens explode.

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