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Brant Daugherty Net Worth 2024

It was ceremoniously announced September 2013 the entire cast of Dancing With The Stars. The cast includes Brant Daugherty who is paired with Peta Murgatroyd. Of the stars he is the lesser known with very little acting credit under his name. But don’t let the career resume fool you Brant has a slue of fans who will be turning in the votes. Brant stars on the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars which is the networks highest rated series. The show was a breakout hit and helped launched the careers of several young actresses. His character Noel is a popular jock and has been a key character in the series since it’s beginning. The 28 year old is worth an estimated $1 million from a $300K salary in season 3. He has expanded his acting to Lifetime’s Army Wives.

Brant was born in Mason Ohio. He grew up in a middle class family while his mother worked as an RN and his father worked for the city of Mason. Since he was 7 years old he has been attracted to entertainment. As a kid he idolized Macaulay Culkin’s role in Home Alone. His mother bought him a video camera for his 8th birthday and would record Brant acting out scenes from the film. She encouraged his acting abilities motivating him to auditioned for every school play at William Mason High School.

He studied his craft in college at Columbia College in Chicago. In 2004 he moved to Los Angeles and began auditioning for film and small television parts. While in Los Angeles he worked in a small coffee shop earning $7.25 an hour. With his small wage he could only afford to share a two bedroom apartment with 2 roommates. Brant Daugherty was only responsible for $200 of the rent since he slept on the couch. It wasn’t long before his luck would change when he got the role in Pretty Little Liars. He currently doesn’t have a girlfriend but is dating around.

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